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How do your users behave on your digital platforms? What interactions take place and is their behaviour aligned with your business goals? Digital Analytics can answer these questions. Measuring pre-defined goals enables you to identify weaknesses and optimise and increase the efficiency of your digital strategy.

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FELD M has been taking on digital analytics projects for more than 15 years, from conception and implementation to analysis. In the first step, we work with you to develop the goals and questions on which your analytics project is based. Using this, we define reporting concepts and the necessary tracking. Here we specify exactly what is measured (e.g. which elements of the website or which user interactions) and how the collected data should be evaluated. In this way, we consistently align the implementation with the information and management needs of the various stakeholders.

In many cases a Data Layer is used for the implementation of the Analytics project. It collects the tracking relevant information and makes further website code modifications unnecessary. We are responsible for the specification of the Data Layer as well as the briefings with the implementation partner and conduct a comprehensive quality assurance to ensure a valid data basis. Generally, the information available in the Data Layer is then processed via a tag management system also integrated on the website and a web analytics tool (e.g. Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, WebTrekk), in which the data can then be evaluated. If desired, in addition to the web analytics solution, we can also support you to visualise the data in the form of dashboards, for example in Tableau.

For optimisation, we integrate web analytics solutions with tools for:

  • Onsite personalisation (e.g. Adobe Target, Google Optimize, Optimizely)
  • CRM campaigns (e.g. Adobe Campaign)
  • Bid Management (e.g. Adobe Audience Manager, Doubleclick)

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