Tolerance, appreciation, cooperativeness,
and shared responsibility

The cores of the FELD M Philosophy are tolerance, appreciation, cooperativeness and shared responsibility. Our “People First” principle means employee happiness is central to how we think and act. We value diversity and strive for a great work environment for people from all backgrounds, physical abilities, genders and orientations. At FELD M the following awaits you: exciting tasks, friendly and open communication and conviction that we all do our best working towards aligned goals.

We know you have and want you to continue to have a life beyond work, so we offer flexible working hours and a free choice of location, be it at home, our Munich office or elsewhere in the world.

Jobcrafting at FELD M

Great care goes into the selection of our colleagues. We value an open and transparent dialogue about your personal wishes, development opportunities and desired tasks in our company.

Everyone is different, and we love and appreciate this. Therefore, we do not see our job advertisements as a ready-made template, but rather as an initial spark for committed people who want to join us in the process of designing their role. This means that we get to know each other and develop a job profile together that takes into account not only our needs but also your individual requirements, wishes and talents.