Unconventional thinking
and innovative solutions

FELD M is an analytics and strategy consulting for marketing in an increasingly digitalized world. In collaboration with our clients we develop sustainable communication, business and product solutions for client acquisition and retention using on-site and off-site contact in combination with offline channels.

Our interdisciplinary team – comprising among others, Computer Scientists, Economists, Mathematicians, Media Experts, Sociologists and Philosophers – gives us varied perspectives and multiple ways of thinking to guarantee holistic solutions for complex questions. Since 2002 we consider ourselves as masters of our craft, constantly and analytically improving our skills and services. Our large network of freelancers enables us to spontaneously and flexibly meet special client requirements.

Our Headquarter is in Munich and we also operate from Berlin and Hamburg with FELD M Poland in Danzig and FELD M Switzerland in Zurich.

Where we come from

The internet is constantly changing. Since foundation, FELD M has evolved similarly. A passion for web analytics work at BMW on a freelancer basis led Lutz to found FELD M in 2002. The one-man-agency with focus on a single client became a team working for multiple clients with varying challenges. Currently our team comprises almost 60 employees. Over time our client base has grown rapidly and includes projects from multiple industries. Developing out of our Web Analytics focus, which we still regard as our core, we have evolved to develop data-based digital strategies and measures to acquire and retain customers in collaboration with our clients. To achieve this, we rely on our expert software development team and the smartest analytics and BI experts.


Lutz Wiechert founded FELD M. The freelance activity becomes a GmbH.


From the One-Man-Show to an agency: FELD M hires the first permanent employee.


FELD M starts to focus on strategy development as an additional service.


FELD M is forming a development team to add data integration and architecture expertise to our service.


Our software company Datacroft launches its first product, the Online Link Manager.


FELD M puts an additional emphasis on Advanced Analytics.


Datacroft develops the TV2Web service as a second product.


We are looking east: FELD M Poland is founded.


Switzerland also gets its own FELD M DepEndance – FELD M Switzerland

Qualified partners

Our strong partners enable us to provide our customers with the best service and the highest quality. Hence we consider our choice of partners carefully and continuously expand our network of cooperations. Our lack of individual partner selection enables us to remain neutral and autonomous, to support our clients to the best of our ability.

Adobe Analytics

Web Analytics

Adobe Analytics is an industry-leading web analytics solution that empowers companies to gain new insights and identify problems by measuring and processing real-time data from multiple channels (websites, apps, online and offline channels). The tool helps to understand how users interact with digital experiences on different devices.

Google Analytics

Web Analytics

With Google Analytics, companies can measure their advertising ROI and track traffic on their Flash and video sites, apps, and social networking sites. Measuring sales and conversions is not the only thing Google Analytics can help with. Companies also learn how users use their website, how they got there, and how to turn these users into regular visitors.


Experimentation Platform

Optimizely is a world-leading experimentation platform that enables companies to create continuously optimized and personalized user experiences on websites, in mobile apps and on connected devices. The platform makes it possible to experiment both, deep in the technology stack and across the breadth of the customer experience.


TV Spot Measurement

Spotwatch as a provider in the field of TV tracking enables companies to track TV spots and website visitors in real time and to professionally evaluate the media impact of their spots. The insights gained serve companies to control online marketing. In addition Spotwatch offers a comprehensive API, which e. g. can be used to enrich existing data in a BI system.


Visualization & Dashboarding

Tableau, as a leading provider of visualization and dashboarding solutions, helps users transform data into actionable insights. Using Tableau, data can be explored through visual analysis. Dashboards created in Tableau enable users to perform ad hoc analysis in just a few clicks and share results.


Universal Data Hub

Tealium, the leader in tag management and unified marketing, represents a new era of real-time customer engagement and marketing. The company helps global companies to use customer data to deliver a more complete and relevant customer experience. In addition, Tealium enables the removal of data silos to benefit from consistent, fully usable customer profiles.


Consent Management Platform

Usercentrics is one of the market leaders in the area of Enterprise Consent Management Platforms (CMP). The Software-as-a-Service solution enables advertisers, publishers, agencies and technology providers to obtain, manage and document the consent of their users for data tracking through various web technologies on the website in a data protection compliant manner.


Customer Analytics Platform

Webtrekk is a customer intelligence platform that enables organizations to measure, link, analyze, and leverage their user and marketing data across devices. Webtrekk solutions – integrated with Webtrekk Suite – enable accurate targeting and personalized campaigns. By doing this, companies provide their customers with an optimal customer experience and increase the ROI of their marketing campaigns.


Customer Data Platform

Segment is the leading customer data platform (CDP) that helps brands accelerate growth by making good data accessible and beneficial for all teams.
Unlike legacy cloud suites, the Segment CDP takes a modern approach that allows every team to make data-informed decisions and deliver real-time personalization. Segment is used by thousands of the most innovative brands in the world to power digital transformation, build a complete understanding of the customer, and create world-class customer experiences.

CDP Institute

Customer Data Platform

The Customer Data Platform Institute is a vendor-neutral organization dedicated to helping marketers manage customer data.
The CDP Institute provides vendor-neutral information about issues, methods, and technology related to customer data management in general and to Customer Data Platforms in particular. Activities include publishing of educational materials, news about industry developments, creation of best practice guides and benchmarks, and a directory of industry vendors.


Data Capture Platform

JENTIS is a data capture platform and the European tech pioneer in server-side tracking – with more than 100 connectors to relevant tools. The Austrian scale-up’s tag management system-based technology ensures better data quality and enables full compliance with data protection regulations. The solution improves the data basis and gives website operators sovereignty over their raw data for advanced analytics and AI applications.


Digital Experience Analytics

Contentsquare is the leading provider of digital experience analytics. Contentsquare enables companies to create better digital experiences. The Digital Experience Analytics platform tracks and visualizes contextual insights across billions of digital behaviors. Through analytics, companies are empowered to build empathy and create lasting impact.


“We are delighted to have FELD M, one of the best specialist digital analytics consultancies, as our first DACH partner. FELD M will provide Contentsquare with full-service support from implementation to analysis and training.” (Thomas Weyand, Managing Director DACH)


Who trusts in us

Our client base encompasses world renowned international companies as well as innovative start-ups and NGO’s. Below is an overview of clients for which we have either completed individual projects or are currently working on projects with or have formed lasting partnerships with.

  • Heinemann
  • netTraders
  • Amway
  • Audi
  • Schönklinik
  • Vorwerk
  • Hawlik
  • Lavita
  • GreenCityEnergy
  • BMWi
  • BR Media
  • BSH
  • Adelholzener
  • HVB
  • Interhyp
  • BodyChange
  • MuFo
  • BMW
  • Payback
  • Bayern 1
  • Telefonica
  • WealthCap
  • Hella
  • Canyon
  • Siroop
  • Danish­BroadcastingGroup
  • MarcOPolo
  • Mini
  • Waggener Edstrom
  • HugoBoss