Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management

Do you need a professional project management partner? Our certified project managers at FELD M can help you to set up and leverage your company’s processes in an efficient and effective way. While specializing in marketing and data projects, we also apply our experience using different project management methods, tools and artifacts to projects in various other fields.

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At FELD M, we’re passionate about efficient and effective project management solutions and setting up processes that genuinely work. We offer a variety of services, including consultation to challenge your status quo, creating and implementing a project management strategy from scratch, or actively taking over the responsibility of managing your projects. With our extensive experience and expert knowledge in the areas of marketing and data, we are uniquely positioned to help you successfully navigate the complexities of your initiatives. We also apply our experience with different project management methods, tools and artifacts to projects in various contexts.


How agile project management works at FELD M

Why choose us for your project management needs?

1. Specialization in marketing and data projects: Our agency focuses on project management for marketing and data endeavors. We understand the complexities of different data-related topics such as:

    • data architectures and tracking setups
    • measuring and optimizing marketing campaign success
    • deriving meaningful insights out of data and putting them into action
    • staying compliant and up to date when it comes to privacy, consent and digital responsibility.

Whether you want to create meaningful dashboards, implement tracking for a new website or app, analyze vast data sets or develop a data strategy, we have the expertise to ensure your projects are delivered on time and within budget. You can find an overview of our areas of expertise here.


2. Expertise in Agile Project Management: We are well-versed and certified in agile project management methodologies, which offer flexibility, adaptability, and iterative development. Agile Frameworks, their artifacts and methodologies such as SCRUM, Kanban, OKRs and Design Thinking form the basis of our work.
Building on this foundation, our team understands the unique demands of agile project management in fast-paced marketing and data environments. Every project profits from different agile methods – or a combination of them. We always adapt to your specific requirements, ensuring that we steer the project with the right balance of efficiency and added value.


3. Utilization of different project management methods: We recognize that different projects require different approaches. Our agency is experienced in various project management methods, including traditional waterfall, hybrid approaches, and other tailored methodologies. We analyze the specific needs and characteristics of your project to determine the most suitable project management framework, ensuring optimal project outcomes aligned with your objectives.
No matter which project management approach we implement, we always have clear and above all transparent billing processes with no unexpected surprises.


4. Certified project management professionals: Our team consists of highly skilled project management professionals who possess an abundance of experience in marketing, data & strategy. Equipped with a deep understanding of the best practices in the industry, agile methodologies, and diverse project management methods and tools such as JIRA, Confluence or Asana, our experts will guide you through every stage of your project’s lifecycle.
They are also well-trained in budget, time and capacity planning as well as team building, moderation, and the preparation and execution of workshops with numerous stakeholders. If you are interested in a data thinking or design thinking workshop, then you’re in the right place at FELD M.
With our versatile skill set and consulting experience, we can build an approach that perfectly meets the unique requirements of your project.


5. Commitment to excellence: At FELD M, one of our guiding principles is the motto “We do it best”.
We are committed to delivering exceptional project management services that surpass your expectations. From meticulous planning to proactive problem-solving, we strive for excellence in every aspect of our work.
Nevertheless, we are also realistic and recognize that sometimes there are bumps in the road when it comes to big projects. We are experienced in conducting retrospectives to optimize processes within your projects, establishing escalation processes and initiating mediations.
Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we do our very best to enable you to achieve your marketing and data objectives.


When it comes to (agile) project management for marketing and data projects, FELD M is the partner you can trust.


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