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Digital Analytics for Postbank: Switch to a tag management system

A FELD M client, the Bonn-based Postbank, recognized a need for more flexibility in implementing tracking adaptations and marketing tags. For example, marketing tags were often available only shortly before a campaign started. As a result, they could not be implemented in time due to sprints by implementation agencies and release cycles. In addition, Postbank needed the ability to react swiftly to data security changes. As this level of flexibility was impossible to achieve with native implementations and dependency on release cycles, Postbank decided to switch to an implementation with a tag management system (TMS).

Switch from native tracking to tracking with TMS

Postbank asked FELD M to develop a solution for the transfer of the native tracking (tracking tool: Webtrekk) to a tracking implementation with data layer and TMS. The tool of choice for Postbank was Tealium iQ. In addition, we optimized the tracking to the latest state of the art.

Three KPIs were defined for the project:

  • More flexibility in tag integration
  • Independence from release cycles
  • Cost savings on developer resources

Our FELD M experts held a workshop with Postbank that enabled us to gather all requirements and to create a tracking concept (data layer definition). One difficulty that emerged was how to make the tracking consistent across many different CMS solutions and implementation agencies. After the implementation of the data layer, our team tested it and configured the tracking in the TMS. We then followed up with servercall testing and data validation to ensure the quality of the tracking. The process of migrating all natively implemented marketing tags to the TMS was then started.

Flexible handling of tags thanks to the TMS Tealium

Based on the new tracking solution, Postbank is now significantly more flexible in tracking implementation and integration of third-party tags. As changes can be made without developer support, long-term cost savings can be expected. In addition, marketing tags or specific tracking needs can be (de)activated at any time, as dependence on release cycles has been eliminated. Thanks to the optimized tracking, Postbank now has more granularity than ever in its data analysis, for example, in click tracking or form tracking.

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