Digital Analytics

Adobe Analytics trainings on basic and advanced levels

Over the past years, the central Web Analytics Team of AUDI AG has invested considerable resources in advancing the measurement of Website performance using Adobe Analytics. The benefits of using these data to derive concrete recommendations for action and improve Websites led to a significant increase in requests for support in creating reports and analyses. Therefore, AUDI colleagues and their agencies had to be enabled to work independently with the data.

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Most important project results:

  • Reduction of support requests
  • Training of over 20 markets
  • Creation of 18 online tutorials

FELD M was charged with the task of reducing the required efforts of the central Web Analytics Team to support the markets and internal departments in their work with Adobe Analytics. A major factor in achieving this goal was to enable the individual locations to independently optimize their Websites based on data. FELD M, as a certified Adobe partner, created a concept for Adobe Analytics user training on both basic and advanced levels. The training was conducted on a worldwide scale by an interdisciplinary team consisting of employees from FELD M and AUDI AG. Participants were trained in both conveying a general understanding of Web/Adobe Analytics and in handling the data collected on their own Websites. Special features in their own data were pointed out.

As a follow-up and for all AUDI colleagues who could not attend the training sessions, 18 online tutorials were created and shared. These not only convey the training content, but also allow participants to deepen acquired knowledge.

Reports and in-depth analyses made easy

By conducting worldwide training and providing tutorials, the Web Analytics Team was able to significantly reduce the amount of work required, as the markets now create reports and analyses independently. In addition, personal contact with participants helped establish a mutual understanding of working methods between the central AUDI AG Web Analytics Team and the requirements of the local markets, resulting in improved cooperation.

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