Digital Analytics

Hypotheses workshops for online campaign success

In today’s digitally driven world, it is essential for global companies to collect and use their web data. Data analytics is the essential prerequisite for understanding and optimizing the performance of their online measures – including website design. Our client, a premium carmaker faced the great challenge of finding out which data were relevant for which units within the German market. The company’s web analytics team wanted to encourage colleagues to make data-driven decisions. For example, data provide important insights for online campaigns, yet they had been underused so far.

To change this, the client asked FELD M to conduct workshops with different stakeholders and define relevant hypotheses for current campaigns. We were then to evaluate these hypotheses and derive targeted recommendations for future campaigns.

Main elements of the project

  • Structured campaign hypothesis workshops
  • Targeted analyses
  • Data-driven campaign optimization

Targeted analyses based on hypotheses

To leverage data to optimize future campaigns, it needed analyses that were relevant to each stakeholder group. To ensure this, FELD M conducted a workshop with the client’s campaign managers and representatives of the responsible media agency at the beginning of several new campaigns. In the course of this workshop, the campaign goals, expected user experience (UX) and user paths were discussed. Hypotheses were developed and prioritized.

These hypotheses formed an ideal basis for data-driven decision making. After documenting the workshop results, we conducted a feasibility check to ensure that the hypotheses could be analyzed with the data collected. This process enabled us to evaluate almost all hypotheses.

Our evaluation included the various hypotheses, their data-based acceptance or rejection, as well as the conclusions that could be drawn based on the analyses. These conclusions were used, if possible, to derive direct recommendations for action to help our client’s campaign managers optimize future campaigns.

Data-based campaign optimization

Targeted, hypothesis-based analyses reliably deliver relevant insights that go beyond mere gut feeling and experience. As a result, our client can now utilize recommendations for action to optimize future campaigns, for example, by shutting down a poorly performing landing page.

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