Digital Analytics

Enabling cross-website and cross-market digital analytics with a global Adobe Analytics report suite

As a large, internationally active corporation, our client offers a wide array of websites and apps in many different countries. Accordingly, the company has a growing interest in advanced web analytics to assess website performance. Its central web analytics team was increasingly tasked with providing data across multiple countries and websites. Questions like “How many vehicle configurations are completed worldwide on our websites?” had to be answered. However, capturing these data was very costly using the existing Adobe Analytics setup with its local report suites – one report suite per country, per website. The company asked FELD M for support in switching to a comprehensive global report suite (GRS) that would collect data from all websites and countries. With the addition of virtual report suites (VRS), it would also be possible to view data on website and country level.

The following objectives were defined:

  • Analysis of data across countries and websites
  • Cost savings compared to multi-suite tagging
  • Time savings in conducting analyses

Global and virtual report suites in Adobe Analytics

After the transition to the global report suite, FELD M took on the task of defining the underlying segments within the VRS and implementing the VRS in Adobe Analytics. FELD M carried this out automatically with the help of an API script, which made it less prone to errors. The client placed great importance on being able to clearly limit rights of use and, for example, to grant members of a national company access to data on its own website only. FELD M ensured this by creating corresponding product profiles in the Adobe Admin Console.

But alongside the advantages GRS offers, it also poses a number of challenges. Entries and new or returning users, for example, could no longer be determined per website, but only across all available websites of our client. As these metrics were considered very important, FELD M developed a customized technical approach to provide the required data on per-website basis.

Lower costs and time saved

By opting for a GRS and using VRS, our customer can now enable country- and website-specific analyses directly in Adobe Analytics, which saves time in generating reports. In addition, this Adobe Analytics solution saves the client considerable costs compared to its previous system of multi-suite tagging (GRS plus local “real” report suites).

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