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Data-driven progress towards business goals with Google Analytics and GTM

tectake is an international e-commerce company with a wide range of products for households, leisure and hobbies. The German-based firm offers and ships products to more than 12 countries. As tectake grows, its spending on advertising is increasing, with new media channels continuously being added. Due to a highly competitive environment in the e-commerce sector, it has become crucial for the company to ensure that its collected data are measurable, complete and suitable as a basis for data-driven decisions. The team from tectake approached FELD M for support in mastering these challenges.

Main project objectives:

  • Ensure consistent collection of Website data across all countries
  • Generate granular insights into the user behavior on the Website
  • Create a data-driven basis to improve the allocation of media budget

„FELD M is a reliable partner with a strong technical background – an enrichment for every organization that depends on a solid, correct database.”

Head of Performance Marketing at tectake

Defining Website goals and improving the technical setup

After the first analysis of the client’s existing Web Analytics setup, two points became clear. First, we needed to define the measurable business goals the Website had to achieve. To do this, we held a workshop together with the tectake team to work out the business goals and major KPIs and align the strategic direction of the project. Second, FELD M acted as a neutral partner to evaluate the data layer and e-commerce setup within Google Analytics (GA) and the Google Tag Manager (GTM). This revealed some inconsistencies within the current implementation as well as some potential improvements.

Based on these insights, FELD M built a new data and GTM setup for tectake. The data layer inspired by the CEDDL standard and the adaptation of the setup in alignment with the Website goals were key elements. Additionally, FELD M suggested using a global container as a central interface, which allows more flexibility regarding possible changes in the Google Tag Manager setup. For example, an extension to new countries is easily possible at any time.

With the successful rollout of a new, goal-oriented GA setup and a global GTM container, tectake is now able to take a data–driven approach toward achieving its defined business goals. More than 10 employees were trained in using Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Optimize. And the implementation of new Marketing Tags across all countries is now easier to handle and less error-prone.

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