Digital Analytics

Improving data quality with a digital analytics audit in the insurance industry

To leverage the power of digital analytics data, a strong database is absolutely essential. This is why an insurance company based in Switzerland wanted to examine its tracking setup in detail to increase data quality and secure employee acceptance of the data. The company asked FELD M to analyze its systems, in particular Adobe Analytics, Adobe Launch, Adobe Audience Manager as well as the data layer and tracking architecture.

Project Details:

  • Audit of more than 100 rules in Adobe Launch
  • Additional audit of Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager
  • Continuation of further collaboration with the client

Developing a futurized tracking solution

Our first step in taking on this project was to examine the existing setup:

  • The data layer forms the basis of tracking, so FELD M analyzed the existing structure and provided a proposal on how to optimize it
  • We audited nearly 100 rules across all platforms in Adobe Launch, identifying some areas for improvement
  • Our audit of Adobe Analytics covered all implemented variables, classifications and marketing channels, as well as a consistency check of various report suites
  • We also verified the configuration of traits, segments and destinations in Adobe Audience Manager
  • FELD M provided detailed documentation of the current solution design, including suggested improvements as well as best-practice variables to enhance analytics capabilities

In weekly meetings, our exchanges on the latest findings and joint decisions on next steps ensured continuous evolution toward a future-proof tracking solution.

Implementing best practices in Adobe

FELD M’s first recommendation was to address the identified anomalies to improve the status quo in the short term for a positive impact on data quality. Next, we focused on optimizing the current implementation by introducing best practices. Our client began adapting the web analytics setup according to our suggestions during the early stages of the project. In addition, our customer contacts shared and discussed the newly gained information with other internal departments. Our client’s view of these results was so positive that collaboration with the FELD M team was continued after the completion of the audit. Further projects with a focus on implementing the results of the audit, tracking implementation for new platforms and setting up Adobe Target cases were initiated.

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