Under the Datacroft brand FELD M develops independent and reliable tracking tools that help our customers collect data that shows the success of their online and offline campaigns. With these findings, marketing measures can be controlled and continuously optimised in a more target group-oriented manner.

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It is important to us that we offer individual solutions that are continuously improved upon in constant consultation with you and adapted to your specific needs. This approach guarantees that existing tracking solutions can also be supplemented and optimised using our tools. You can rely on the experience of our diverse team of experts to answer your specific questions or to develop their own questions and solutions to advise you in strategic and technical problem areas.


TV2Web Service:

  • Have I invested well in my TV campaign?
  • Was my expensive TV campaign a success?
  • How many viewers were lead to my website?
  • Have these viewers met my conversion goals?
  • How can I learn from the past to optimise future campaigns?



  • Are my created tracking links correct?
  • How can I export my data to other tools?
  • How can I shorten long links without loss of information?
  • How can I freely configure tracking codes?
  • How can I restrict or assign data access within my company?


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