Superweek 2019: Work Hard And Have Fun With Digital Data

on 05.02.2019 by Zofia Radzikowska

Superweek 2019 – this 5 day long digital analytics conference on a mountain top in Hungary was quite an unique and for sure very intense experience. I’m still a bit overwhelmed by such amount of great lectures and chats in between them. Not easy to put all my thought on the paper, but let’s give […]

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FELD M Lectures: A Glimpse into our Knowledge Sharing System

on 20.12.2018 by Shiva Rasoulian

We’ve all heard about the importance of knowledge sharing within an organization. Among all benefits, a great knowledge sharing system can have valuable impact on the quality and efficiency of workflows, and strengthen the trust and communication culture within the organization. Having these in mind, we at FELD M make sure our knowledge sharing process […]

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