Virtual Tableau Test Drive on 25.06.2020

on 13.05.2020 by Erik Klemusch

For all those who have wanted to take their first steps with Tableau for a long time, but have not yet been able to do so: Next month is your opportunity! We are looking forward to holding a “Tableau Test Drive” session next month on 25.06.2020 . This will be your opportunity to do first […]

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FELD M’s Best Practices and Guidelines in Times of Corona

on 08.04.2020 by Dr. Ramona Greiner, Dr. Matthias Böck, Dr. Felix Köbler

We described in our previous article “Embracing Black Swans – How FELD M deals with Corona-induced challenges” why FELD M has already created good conditions in the past to deal well with an exceptional situation like this. Now we want to share our best practices with you on how we currently deal with the corona […]

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Embracing Black Swans – How FELD M deals with Corona-induced challenges

on 26.03.2020 by Dr. Ramona Greiner, Dr. Matthias Böck

For a few days now, the world has again been talking about “black swans”: highly unlikely, unpredictable and rare events – such as the current corona pandemic. The image of the Black Swan has become known mainly through the books of risk analyst Nassim Nicholas Taleb. His two key questions are: “How do we manage […]

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Strategic partnership: Inviqa and FELD M jointly optimize customer experience on all channels

on 11.03.2020 by simon wagenstaller

Love at first sight: Inviqa and FELD M have recognized the great added value of cooperation and are now complementing each other in their service portfolio. Together, they support their customers in the holistic optimization of the customer experience. The two companies contribute their rich expertise to the strategic partnership: FELD M will contribute its […]

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How To Understand, Measure, and Manage Customer Experience

on 05.03.2020 by Markus Gahler

At our last “Wissensdurst” on the 19th of November 2019 we aimed to tackle topics mainly in the “marketing controlling” area. When it comes to measuring marketing success, a variety of metrics are used nowadays, including branding and performance, conversion and customer life time value, as well as customer experience (CX), which is a topic […]

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Tableau Test Drive in Bern on 20.02.2020

on 07.01.2020 by Erik Klemusch

For all those who have wanted to take their first steps with Tableau for a long time, but have not yet been able to do so: Next month is your opportunity! We are looking forward to holding a “Tableau Test Drive” session next month on 20.02.2020 in Bern, Switzerland. This will be your opportunity to […]

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Step by step to consent: This is how it works!

on 12.12.2019 by Dr. Ramona Greiner, Dr. Thomas Helbing

FELD M consults numerous companies on the development and implementation of their cookie strategy in web tracking. What strikes us is that most companies have the same difficulties and challenges. Often the legal departments have very good knowledge of what is allowed and what is not. However, the process of integrating the solutions in compliance […]

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Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year 2020

on 06.12.2019 by FELD M

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the great collaboration this past year. We wish all of our clients, business partners and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020! We look forward to another year full of exciting projects and interesting talks at one of our Wissensdurst […]

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The International Day of Persons with Disabilities

on 03.12.2019 by Simon Wagenstaller

The International Day of People with Disabilities takes place on 3 December each year. A central concept in this context is inclusion. This also includes digital accessibility, which plays a major and increasingly important role in the value creation of digital products. The aim here is to design websites and apps in such a way […]

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on 02.12.2019 by Dr. Ramona Greiner, Dr. Thomas Helbing

– What the ECJ ruling means for your website tracking and how you can continue to use cookies In their search for a legally compliant web tracking solution, many companies lose themselves in the jungle of terms and different interpretations and wish for only one thing above all: legal security – definite clarity as to […]

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Customer Data Platform – Panacea for Data-Driven Customer Experience?

on 06.11.2019 by Laura Winkelbauer

Due to the powerful oligopolies of advertising networks on the one hand and the increasing number of online advertisers on the other, the battle for new customers is becoming increasingly expensive (keyword marketing inflation). Depending on which study you look at, the acquisition of a new customer is 3-5 times more expensive than the retention […]

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People That Count: a new, exciting digital analytics conference

on 28.08.2019 by Zofia Radzikowska

We are very excited about the upcoming digital analytics event – People that Count – which will take place in Warsaw, on the 26th and 27th of September 2019. It’s the first edition of this conference, but it starts really big. Simo Ahava, Craig Sullivan, Doug Hall, Robert Petković and Zorin Radovančević (this year’s Golden […]

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6 things FELD M learned at useR!2019 in Toulouse

on 23.07.2019 by Linda Le

Hi, I´m Linda. I am part of the Data Science team at FELD M and was excited to participate this year’s useR!2019 conference, which took place in Toulouse. That meant 4 days full of great 3h tutorials keynotes 30 min blocks of 6*5 min lightning talks 1,5h blocks of 5*18 min talks sponsor talks poster […]

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“Tackling Climate Change” – FELD M at EU Datathon 2019 in Brussels

on 24.06.2019 by Dr. Matthias Böck, Paul Schlumbom

As part of Data Science for Social Good, we not only offer our Data Ambulance ( for non-profit organizations, but also regularly take part in hackathons, datathons and similar competitions (R Conference, Kaggle, …). In 2019, we took part in the Europe-wide EU datathon for the first time and developed an application on the subject […]

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FELD M at the Tableau Conference Europe 2019

on 04.06.2019 by Shiva Rasoulian

Just like previous years, we’re happy to say that the Tableau conference was definitely worth the time and money spent. The conference was held at the Estrel Hotel & Congress Center in Berlin, and about 2,000 data enthusiasts came together for three days, and it was truly a pleasure for us to be part of […]

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FELD M looking forward to Tableau Conference Europe 2019

on 04.06.2019 by Erik Klemusch

TC Europe 2019 is less than two weeks away and we´re thrilled about the upcoming breakout sessions and keynotes. From June 17th till June 19th, three of our colleagues will be part of hundreds of data enthusiasts flocking together in Berlin to get their fix on the latest developments in Tableau and to further deepen […]

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Superweek 2019: Work Hard And Have Fun With Digital Data

on 05.02.2019 by Zofia Radzikowska

Superweek 2019 – this 5 day long digital analytics conference on a mountain top in Hungary was quite an unique and for sure very intense experience. I’m still a bit overwhelmed by such amount of great lectures and chats in between them. Not easy to put all my thought on the paper, but let’s give […]

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FELD M Lectures: A Glimpse into our Knowledge Sharing System

on 20.12.2018 by Shiva Rasoulian

We’ve all heard about the importance of knowledge sharing within an organization. Among all benefits, a great knowledge sharing system can have valuable impact on the quality and efficiency of workflows, and strengthen the trust and communication culture within the organization. Having these in mind, we at FELD M make sure our knowledge sharing process […]

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Data Ambulance

on 17.12.2018 by Erik Klemusch

This week we are happy to present you a new FELD M initiative: The FELD M data ambulance! What is it about? Most non-profit organizations with a social or environmental mission own a lot of data. However, using the potential of that data for their work is rarely truly fruitful. The reasons for this are, […]

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