Neutral partner for the measurement & optimisation of advertising measures

We support the analysis and optimisation of your communication measures by acting as a neutral partner. We evaluate these with regards to achieving the respective goals (e.g. branding, conversion, customer loyalty) and identify optimisation potential to increase effectiveness and efficiency. Our focus is on digital communication channels and we cover all paid, owned and earned channels.

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We distinguish between three levels of auditing and optimisation:

  • Content level: target groups, messages, touchpoint
  • Media Mix: mechanics, orchestration of the measurable channels
  • Technological basis: marketing automation tools, data integration and algorithms


Our approach includes a comprehensive analysis of the status quo of the respective channel. Warranted by the great heterogeneity of communication channels, we examine each channel individually while simultaneously considering inter-channel interactions. A best practice example will be developed for each of the channels already in use. By comparing the targeted and actual status of the communication measures, potential for improvement is uncovered and suggestions for quick-wins as well as long-term optimisation and expansion are derived.

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