Attribution & Media Mix Modeling

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” This 19th century quote from John Wanamaker still applies to many advertisers even in times of digital marketing. With the help of attribution and media mix modelling, FELD M supports the measurement and optimisation of advertising effectiveness. We help you to select and implement out-of-the-box solutions (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Exactag, intelliAd etc.) or develop individual statistical models for your company.

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Attribution models assign a certain contribution to the success of each contact point in a customer journey. In addition to simple heuristic models, such as last-click wins or linear distribution, statistical models that determine the actual contribution of a touchpoint based on data are increasingly being used. The TV2Web solution from FELD M ( provides added value by enabling TV integration into the attribution model to enable evaluation of the channel with the same granularity as all digital channels. Together we discuss the most sensible model for you and support you in its implementation.

In contrast to attribution, in which individual customer journeys serve as a basis, media mix modelling (using aggregated data) also enables the calculation of a value contribution of non-digital channels. These would otherwise be difficult to assign to a specific journey (e.g. print or out-of-home). The combination of bottom-up and top-down attribution and Media Mix Modelling enables the determination of the contribution of advertising materials that seemed unthinkable in the time of John Wanamaker.

We focus on openness towards our customers and as a tool-independent consultancy, we take an individual approach to each of our customers and jointly develop the most suitable solution for them. Our primary goal is not quantification alone, but to derive concrete recommendations for action to optimise your marketing budget and to steer individual measures.

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