How to translate several tens of thousands MediaMarkt TV spot airings into online traffic impact

MediaMarkt is the largest electronics retailer in Europe. The competition in their industry is fierce and the question arises how to generate the best impact on sales.

MediaMarkt is a heavy TV advertiser and approached Datacroft, the product division of FELD M, in 2018 in order to optimize their TV media planning of the Swiss market. The aim was to have an easy to read analysis of the effects of the TV Spots on their website traffic and conversions and a tool for media spend optimization. Datacroft offered a comprehensive solution by identifying TV-induced visitors and analysis of the related media spend.

  • Several 10.000s airings in 8 months
  • Daily updated Tableau dashboard
  • 1 crazy black Friday

More than just a standardized dashboard

Datacroft started with an in-depth analysis of the MediaMarkt campaign, channel and advertising strategy & goals to fully understand all influencing factors. Based on these insights Datacroft adapted the TV2Web dashboard for MediaMarkt in terms of data base, analyses and metrics. But simply measuring TV induced traffic and conversions was not enough to reach the ambitious goals. The dashboard was enriched with not only competitor TV data, but also MediaMarkt cost and GRP data, as well as relating metrics. This made the analysis more sophisticated and expanded the possibilities of media planning optimization significantly.

A powerful tool for media spend optimization

  • From October 2018 on, Datacroft has provided MediaMarkt CH with an Uplift Analysis Dashboard based on Tableau technology.
  • Only until June 2019 (ongoing project) the dashboard enabled MediaMarkt to analyze the impact of several tens of thousands TV spot airings in three languages on the MediaMarkt website.
  • Weekly changing TV spot versions have been detected and analyzed.

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