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Service portfolio

FELD M is a consultancy for data-driven marketing in a digitised world. We develop strategies and analyses for customer acquisition and customer retention.

Our approach to work

Strategy & Measures

Based on quantitative and qualitative analyses, FELD M develops strategies and activities for client acquisition and retention. Aligned to your business objectives, we develop sustainable digital strategies and activities to drive target audience awareness and distinguish your products from your competitors.

Analysis & Optimization

FELD M develops and implements solutions for the analysis and optimisation to drive effectivity and efficiency of marketing activities. By combining the experience and expertise in the following fields of competence, FELD M provides clients with solutions that have a real impact on their business success.

Case Studies

Would you like to know more about our work? The case studies below give you an insight into the areas in which we have successfully supported our customers in the past.

Setup of a Digital Analytics infrastructure

Automobile Industries

In recent years, most industries have become increasingly aware of the importance of web analytics measurement. In the case of our customer, an international automotive group with several brands, one of the challenges was to serve the interests of a large number of different stakeholders.

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Turning a media library into a personalized experience


TV stations make a large share of their content available in media libraries, so that the online offering is becoming increasingly important. In contrast to classic TV, a personalised user experience is possible with internet-based offers and also necessary in order to successfully secure the attention of users in light of ever-increasing competition.

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Data is the new oil - but without processing, they are worthless

Omni-Channel Retailer

Data is the new oil – probably everyone has already heard this sentence and in fact there is a lot of truth to it: both oil and data are of no use to their owners initially, both must be refined and processed. Similarly, the sentence is also incorrect, because while oil in its crude form, already has a measurable value ($ per barrel), this is rarely the case with data.

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Prediction of offline sales through online behavior

Automobile industries

The sale of cars still takes place offline. Nevertheless, car manufacturers invest in online marketing measures, build up digital skills and / or purchase them. After all, it is a matter of wooing the target group in the digital space. Despite this, those responsible often struggle to justify the added value of digital efforts.

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