Quality of Relationships and
Quality of Services

We do not see ourselves as a classic management consultancy, but as a partner who develops an understanding for our customers’ individual challenges and works collaboratively with them on solutions. It is important to us to not only share our knowledge and build up new competencies within the customer, but to also benefit from and activate the customer’s existing industry-specific knowledge and to integrate it into our solution.

In our projects we always focus on the business goals of the client and the demands and characteristics of their end customers. We consider the customer’s perspective and develop an understanding of what existing problems are and how existing solutions can be used or improved. In short: we do what provides the customer with real added value. We consider all stakeholders affected by our projects. Additionally, in order to ensure an end-user focus of our strategies and concepts, we always consider business objectives, as well as legal and technical requirements.

FELD M represents highest demands in all quality dimensions. For us, performance quality means that our experts apply the latest findings from science and practice to the individual requirements of our customers. Our 4-eyes-principle ensures that the project knowledge is never with just one person and thus a competent partner is always available for you. In addition to pure performance quality, the quality of our cooperation with the customer is very important to us. We meet our customers on equal terms and maintain intense exchange. We see ourselves as a extended team of the customer, who develops tailor-made solutions together with them.

We not only deliver concept papers, but also support the projects implementation. This includes internal communication as well as support in dealing with the resulting changes and requirements. In order to react quickly to the new requirements, we work with modern methods of project management. Agile, SCRUM and Kanban are no abstract theories for us, but something we live in . Thereby we guarantee highest quality and prevent a limited view of complex problems.

Often we are in demand as a neutral partner for evaluating existing services. Through our years of experience, we have built up a large network of partners – both tool providers and other agencies – but we are not bound by any of these partners and have always maintained our neutrality.




Quality of Relationships

We work with our customers on an equal footing and it is important to us that the cooperation with us is fun and that we are always reliable and committed. We take part of the burden off our customers’ shoulders and see ourselves as an extension of their team.

Quality of Services

We deliver first-class quality work, which is innovative and customer-specific and meets the highest demands – that is our promise and expectation of ourselves.