FELD M looking forward to Tableau Conference Europe 2019

on 04.06.2019 by Erik Klemusch

TC Europe 2019 is less than two weeks away and we´re thrilled about the upcoming breakout sessions and keynotes. From June 17th till June 19th, three of our colleagues will be part of hundreds of data enthusiasts flocking together in Berlin to get their fix on the latest developments in Tableau and to further deepen their expertise in working with Tableau´s tools. The Tableau conferences we´ve visited over the last years have had their fair share in sparking new concepts and ideas that have been crucial to various projects we worked on with our clients. Therefore, we can´t wait to see what will come out of this year´s conference!

What we´re looking forward to the most

With Embedded Analytics being a topic requested by our clients more and more often and first projects already in development or near finalization, we´re very excited for the breakout session Turn Data into Products | The Whys, Whens, and Hows of Embedding Tableau. We´re hoping for some food for thought which might help us in advancing our existing concepts and to serve even more analytical use cases in the future. Having the opportunity to get insight into further embedding use cases in the breakout session Embedded Portal Applications at Deutsche Bahn AG will spark even more ideas.

With Data Science for Social Good being a topic in which we have increasing interest, we were more than happy to find the session Viz For Social Good in this year´s conference schedule. We´re very much looking forward to meeting like-minded people who are trying to put their analytical expertise to use for a good cause! You can find out all about Data Ambulance, one of our first offerings related to Data Science for Social Good, here: https://www.feld-m.de/datenambulanz/

Adding visualizations to tooltips with the release of Tableau 10.5 has been a true game changer. Our dashboards have never been more clean and sleek (with secondary charts being moved into the tooltip), and never before have our clients had so much information at their fingertips (or cursor). The Jedi level session Next-Level Viz in Tooltip will highlight ways to get even more analytical value out of this feature by making it even more interactive, drill-able and more. We can´t wait to hear about all of that.

With our clients and – in Tableau related projects – our dashboard users being the center of our attention, we´re interested in finding even better ways to make data more accessible and meaningful to them, creating solutions which allow them to derive valuable insights and drive their businesses. Therefore, we are happy to attend a variety of sessions focusing on dashboard adoption, balancing data governance and self-service, and more: The Secret to Getting People to Use Dashboards, Avoiding the Flatline | Building an Analytical Culture at Your Organisation and How to Build Your User Community and Boost Adoption (to name just a few) will serve that purpose more than well; we´re sure of that.

Are you attending TC Europe as well?

We´d be more than happy to have a quick chat in between sessions and talk about your visual analytics related use cases! Are you using the Tableau Conference App? Just search for attendees of FELD M and shoot us a short message.

Not attending TC Europe? You can find out about our services related to Tableau and other BI-tools here: https://www.feld-m.de/service/dashboards-visualisation/