Multi-Channel Communication and Sales Concepts

Who are your (potential) customers? What are their needs and habits? What can you offer your customers that sets you apart from your competitors? A fundamental understanding of your target group and your competition is the essential basis for a successful multi-channel communication and sales concept.

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The starting point of a multi-channel communication and sales concept is an analysis of your company’s potential in comparison to the competition. Product/ service portfolio, sales and communication channels of your company and your competitors are examined in order to provide starting points for your positioning and corresponding marketing actions.

Based on your strategic goals, FELD M develops a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics, motives, needs and behavioural patterns of the customer segments you are addressing. We work with various qualitative and quantitative methods such as expert reviews, studies/ market analyses, explorative interviews and surveys. The gained insights can be condensed in the form of personas and corresponding consumer decision journeys. On this basis FELD M derives concrete sales and communication measures tailored to your company. We therefore concentrate on the right media mix as well as the messages that fit the target group.

Together we develop an iterative process to repeatedly refine and validate the concept. For example, this can include a test phase with selected customers based on a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in a test market. We also support continuous adaptation to ensure long-term customer loyalty.

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