KPI & Reporting Systems

Achieve more transparency and enable yourself to optimise your marketing measures more easily with our support!

FELD M supports you in defining and developing KPI systems to measure the success of your marketing activities. Together we check to what extent combinations of targets and measures are successful and help define KPIs and their drivers.

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We support the selection of the necessary data basis and help you to collect the data. We can guarantee high data quality based on our extensive experience in the field of digital analytics. We pay particular attention to the compatibility with existing key figures.

When designing key figure systems and reports, we take into account the informational needs of both the management of your company and the various stakeholders and reporting target groups. We consistently align all measures to the overall strategy (for example in the form of KPI pyramids) and enable cross-departmental marketing controlling. It goes without saying that we tailor the resulting reports to each target group and thus provide all stakeholders with the appropriate tools.

FELD M creates the technical pre-requisites for the implementation and automation of reports. To ensure practical application, we qualify and sensitise stakeholders for their reporting tasks and develop concepts to optimise reporting processes.

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