Study: Sound is what makes music – but it takes harmony to create consent

on 04.03.2022 by Dr. Isabelle Kes, Alexander Eiting

The role of tonality for Cookie Banner messaging While companies develop more and more capabilities to analyze data and derive business impact with the help of data, increasing data protection regulations make it continuously harder to leverage or even collect data. Consumers have – luckily – the chance to decide in increasingly detailed ways if […]

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Google’s FLoC vs. Topics – Old Wine in New Bottles?

on 22.02.2022 by Stefan Riegler

A few weeks ago, Google surprised the advertising world with its announcement that it would stop working on its “Federated Learning of Cohorts” technology, FLoC for short, and instead focus on “Topics API” from now on. With Topics, as before with FLoC, Google is trying to develop an alternative for the third-party cookie. Google is […]

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Nagging and meatballs – Dark Patterns in Consent Management

on 24.01.2022 by Dr. Ramona Greiner

Dark Patterns in Consent Management – and why you should do without them Dark patterns are familiar to most of us, especially from the so-called “social media”, but they are increasingly finding their way into cookie banners and consent management. The GDPR provides very clear guidelines on how valid consent must be given, namely, above […]

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A new German data protection law: TTDSG – What you need to know now

on 02.12.2021 by Andrea Kawall, Dr. Ramona Greiner

Tl;dr: The TTDSG regulates provisions on telecommunications secrecy and data protection for telemedia, i.e., websites. It replaces the data protection regulations of the Telemedia Act (TMG) and the Telecommunications Act (TKG), adapts them to the regulations of the GDPR and primarily serves to implement the ePrivacy Directive. The aim is primarily to create legal clarity. […]

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Putting ourselves on the MarTech map with Datacroft: FELD M Products

on 29.07.2021 by Eliot

Part 1, The Datacroft „Link Manager“ Campaign Tracking Tool The field of marketing technology (MarTech) has been growing at an astounding rate over the last years. Some months ago, there were an estimated 8.000 different tools and solutions out on the market*, and these numbers are expected to explode a lot more in the future. […]

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How to kill many birds with one stone? – Automated modification of hundreds of Adobe Analysis Workspace Projects

on 28.07.2021 by FELD M Data Product Team

As a consequence of a client’s legal decision, we were tasked to add disclaimers to hundreds of Adobe Analysis Workspace Projects. The following requirements had to be met: For each project, a new panel including the disclaimer must be positioned at the top, prior to any other report element. The report suite for the disclaimer […]

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Adobe Launch Extensions to the Rescue: Why I wrote my own Custom Code Action

on 26.04.2021 by Hannes Schmieding

Two years ago I wrote my own Adobe Launch Extension to address the issues I had with the Custom Code Rule Action (CCA) provided by Adobe’s Core Extension. Sparked by a recent discussion on twitter, I felt validated to finally make this post. I am also releasing a new extension Friendly Helpers which includes a […]

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One brand, many markets – and even more stakeholders

on 09.04.2021 by Michaela Nerlich

How FELD M implements your complex web analytics tracking setup in a tag management system It is not unusual that country websites differ not only in language, but also in content. This usually requires a complex web tracking setup in the tag management system, especially when multiple stakeholders also come into play. The seemingly unsolvable […]

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Why and how you should connect your Google Analytics 4 Property to BigQuery

on 08.12.2020 by Eric Böhme, Thomas Symann

With the announcement of Google Analytics 4 (GA4), Google takes the next step for their analytics platform. This step involves some of the biggest feature changes in the Google Analytics history. The well-known data model was changed and reduced to one available type (“events”) that can be sent to GA4. Also, new features to analyse data collected from web or apps natively […]

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The new Google Analytics 4 – The perfect transition through parallel operation of GA and GA4

on 23.10.2020 by Thomas Symann, Claes Holmqvist, Eric Böhme

With Google Analytics 4 (GA4) (formerly App+Web property), Google is launching a completely new tracking tool. This is the first time in the history of Google Analytics that a hard cut is made in the data, because historical data cannot be transferred to GA4. The data model has also been revised. After 15 years of GA with only […]

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