Conversion Rate Optimisation

It doesn’t have to be that way!

FELD M helps you to identify bottlenecks, develop variants with strong conversion potential and ensure the safety of your optimisation success employing A/B/n tests.

Conversion Analytics at FELD M

1a. Quantitative Analysis

  • Collection and preparation of quantitative data from client’s systems
  • Segmented data analysis
  • Identification of optimisation potential

1b. Qualitative Analysis

  • Collection of qualitative data, such as:
    • Expert Reviews
    • Usability Labs
    • Remote Usability Tests
  • Identification of optimisation potential

2. Optimisation

  • Creation of optimisation hypotheses based on quantitative and qualitative data
  • Concept preparation and design of conversion-oriented variants based on new data

3. A/B/n Testing

  • A/B/n tests concept preparation based on defined variants
  • Development of variants
  • Running the A/B/n tests
  • Analysis and recommendations preparation

4. See the results!

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