Conversion Rate Optimization

How to growth hack your website for offline car sales

A major car manufacturer wanted to optimize user experience and conversion rates on multiple Websites for its different brands worldwide. The main goals of the conversion rate optimzation (CRO) were to boost volumes of lead-generating user activities such as online car configuration and requests for test drives and offers. As one of the biggest car manufacturers worldwide, the client was under increasing competitive pressure to ensure that its websites provide outstanding service and answer car-buyers’ demands.

The car manufacturer needed a partner to systematically analyze and test the websites’ user data as well as develop alternative concepts.

Three main criteria were defined:

  • Ongoing significant improvements in customer interactions
  • Increased online vehicle configurations
  • More leads and test drive appointments

A structured approach

FELD M followed a structured approach in evaluating the client‘s existing web analysis data, qualitatively assessing the user experience, designing optimized variations of the website to be tested and conducting A/B tests.

After identifying areas of untapped conversion potential, we worked jointly with the client to quantify and prioritize them. In creative sessions, alternatives were developed. In sprints the individual A/B tests were performed in sprints and assessed regarding conversion performance before the winning variant was implemented in the live environment.


  • Increased customer interactions (up to 20% higher click-through rate)
  • Up to 200% more offer requests
  • Up to 30% more test drive requests

The client’s international online presence is now more inspirational and effective than before.

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