Dashboards & Visualisation

How to create a customized dashboard for visualizing marketing campaign performance

One of the world’s leading asset management companies had the goal to derive further insights on the performance of their marketing campaigns together with FELD M’s Digital Analytics team. With the development of a campaign dashboard our client’s employees should no longer manually look up web analytics data in the web analytics tool or in data exports and compare them with reports sent as files from the media agencies to analyze the success of campaigns.

Key facts:

  • Definition of 7 KPIs
  • Integration of 7 main data sources with data from more than 27 countries into Tableau dashboards
  • More than 100 Tableau users now analyze ~500 campaigns that run globally on 10 different campaign channels
  • Data-driven campaign steering thanks to an automatic data refresh on a daily basis

After a requirement gathering workshop and the collection of user stories from all relevant stakeholders, the technical infrastructure was defined. FELD M identified Tableau as the appropriate Business Intelligence tool as it allows for rapid development of new dashboards with a great amount of interaction possibilities for business stakeholders. It also offers a lot of flexibility and customization to meet the client’s exact requirements regarding the campaign analyses.

FELD M created a flexible backend consisting of different Python modules and SQL scripts in order to adapt to tracking requirements and output changes which can occur over time. Three different data streams were aggregated into one Tableau dashboard to allow a holistic view: the collected data, web analytics data from previous projects and cost data from external service providers. In addition, the Datacroft Link Manager was introduced for the systematic, reliable creation of campaign tracking links which ensure consistent campaign data quality in the dashboards.

Daily data refresh allows real-time campaign analysis and optimization

As a result, a central campaign dashboard was developed where different stakeholder groups can find the proper analyses and move through them fluently by interacting with the dashboard. With the data being refreshed on a daily basis, analyses can now be carried out during the campaign runtime – not just after it is already over. This enables our client to optimize the campaign in real-time and data driven.

Staying on top of things: adaption of dashboards to changing needs

Since the needs of our customer changed over time, FELD M is currently refactoring the architecture as well as the visualizations based on the emerging client’s needs and data use cases. New data sources will be integrated and the architecture will be optimized to achieve more flexibility, speed and stability. This is an important step to be able to answer any future data-related requests, to drive efficiency & performance across the whole organization and to achieve market excellency through data.

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