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GenAI Kickstart: One day Prompt Engineering Camp

Unlock the power of GenAI with expert prompt engineering. Our one-day workshop equips your team to master generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Gemini, and Midjourney, automating and enhancing tasks for increased efficiency. Gain hands-on experience crafting effective prompts, exploring various tools, and unleashing the potential of AI in your daily workflow.

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What you will learn

  • An introduction to what AI and specifically GenAI is. Understand the foundational concepts that drive these technologies and demystify the ongoing hype.
  • Real-world applications in everyday situations of GenAI from writing content to better research or generation of images and audio.
  • Basic prompting guidelines. Learn the essential principles of prompt engineering with guidelines, that everybody regardless of their technical background can apply to interact with GenAI models.
  • Advanced techniques tailored to your team’s specific needs from enhancing your Excel formulas to actual coding with AI.
  • A framework to assess your everyday operations for GenAI potential and actual benefits and feasibility.
  • Ethical and legal considerations when using GenAI. Understand the responsibilities and considerations critical to employing AI in your organization’s context.

Why join us

Unlock the full potential of AI prompt engineering with a unique blend of practical learning, expert insights, and personalized support:

  • Learning through practice with different tools mixed with expert presentations and deep dives
  • Interactive challenges such as prompt battles are fun and are reinforce learning and encourage creative problem-solving.
  • Customized content: Bring you own questions: We tailor our content to your team’s specific needs
  • Post-camp mentorship: A month of weekly check-ins to support the team on applying what it has learned.
  • Flexible setup: Available in English and German and preferably onsite but also remote possible

For whom this might be interesting

This camp is designed for a diverse audience, ranging from beginner level to professionals across various industries. Our team of AI experts will help you whether you are looking to integrate AI into your workflows, enhance your content creation, improve decision-making processes, or simply explore the potential of generative AI for personal or professional growth.


Or simply finding answers to questions such as:

  • Should I use Google or ChatGPT for (re)search?
  • Should I be polite to my chatbot to get better replies?
  • Should I ask in German or English (or other languages) for better results?
  • Should I use Gemini over ChatGPT or use my own local large language model?
  • Which tool works best for me to create my own images?


Take you first step towards learning GenAI and join our camp or if you are in search for a more in depth training and evaluation of potential use cases for GenAI, join our two day AI literacy and application programme. Get in touch with us here!

Tools & Technology we like to use

Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform

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