Artificial Intelligence & Data Science Consulting

Designing and building human-centered machine learning products

Our team helps you to identify and tackle the most important applications of AI in your organization. We design and develop sustainable solutions from whiteboard all the way to production and value.

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AI Strategy & Consulting

We guide and accelerate your AI initiatives by providing a solid foundation for value creation

  • Develop sustainable data and AI strategies with a tailored AI product portfolio
  • Assess and develop AI architectures, which help you leverage your existing and future use cases
  • Provide customized enablement programs for your organization to make use of AI
  • Facilitate Design Thinking, Data Thinking and Product Thinking workshops and AI sprints to help you develop custom AI solutions
  • Guidance on responsible AI practices to follow ethical and legal guardrails

AI Product Development

Applying product thinking for the development of AI products

  • Support along the full AI product life cycle
  • Apply and consult on state of the art machine learning models
  • Fascilitate MLOps for smooth operation of developed solutions
  • Design and build GenAI products such as RAG-Systems or chatbots
  • Host your own LLMs on your premises and fine-tune your model

Generative AI Consulting

Create actual impact with GenAI in your organization

  • Support in building a tailored GenAI roadmap for your organization
  • Help your organization grow its GenAI maturity by assessing the status quo and developing custom learning paths
  • Enable your team with GenAI training/workshops (such as our one day prompt engineering training, or our two day AI literacy training)
  • Assess and choose the right GenAI tooling for your organization from options including OpenAI, Google or Microsoft, to open-source alternatives
  • Decision-making support on adopting, building, or delaying GenAI technologies

Data Science for Good

  • Consulting non-profit, social impact or green organizations around their data and AI-related questions
  • Moderating workshops on sustainable AI
  • Developing apps for explaining climate change and on the topic of biodiversity

Our Data Product Team will be happy to advise you on all questions relating to artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science. Get in touch with us here!

Our projects

Tools we work with
  • PostgreSQL
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • R
  • dbt
  • Apache Spark
  • Tableau
  • Python
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Plotly
Customers who trust us.
  • Zurich Insurance
  • yfood
  • funk
  • AUDI


We about and develop sustainable solutions, which follow product life cycles and generate value.
We apply agile principles to develop fast, learn from mistakes, and continuously adapt. We grow together as a team by fostering collaboration and leveraging individual strengths.
We use scientific methods to develop high-quality, tailored solutions. .
For Good:
We aim to give back to the community by open source code. We support by consulting nonprofits and social impact organizations on their data-related challenges.

How we build great data products

System agility

  • Focus on most relevant business problems & user needs
  • Learn from data usage
  • Adapt, reprioritize and develop business requirements

Product agility

  • Fast prototyping
  • Creating MVP’s
  • Iteratively improving data products
  • Iteratively delivering value

Create data products based on clear business problems

Gain insights through the use of data products and derive new requirements

UNDERSTAND business problems

BUILD data products


  • Interviews
  • Data Thinking Workshops
  • Use Case Workshops
  • Product Canvas
  • Wardley Map

Build prototypes

Learn & Improve

Next best product

Define complexity

Choose agile method

We create data products and applications whose core value proposition is based on data. By combining product thinking methods with various disciplines such as data engineering, business intelligence and UX as well as data science, we solve clearly defined business problems and help you achieve your goals.