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From local startup to global expansion

How FELD M helped to scale business intelligence

A Munich-based startup was seeking to go global. As a data-driven company, they needed a reliable and comprehensive reporting and insight generating system to support its expansion plans. Due to fast growth, its requirements change constantly, so the data architecture and tools needed to be fast and scalable.

In addition, the startup wanted to grow its internal data team to keep up with the global expansion and increasing demands – a challenge, as finding and onboarding specialists is difficult and time-consuming.

The client asked FELD M for support in developing business intelligence solutions to help it scale up from local to global and adapt to changing requirements with new tools such as dbt and migration to Amazon Redshift.

Main objectives:

  • Development of numerous dashboards within Tableau ecosystem
  • Serve stakeholders across multiple departments including sales, marketing, CRM, product management
  • Ongoing consulting in the areas of data engineering, business intelligence, data science and marketing analytics

Building up internal expertise and technology for global expansion

We began by helping expand the client’s internal data team, including recruiting, onboarding and knowledge sharing. FELD M supported to ensure technological and operational scalability, while the startup continued to grow.

A further task was to conceptualize, develop and maintain numerous analyses and Tableau dashboards in a close cooperation with stakeholders across various departments. We also advised and helped implement suitable technologies to meet the needs and future ambitions of the organization, e.g. the implementation of dbt for data transformation.

With our support, a data warehouse (DWH) was set up and structured on PostgreSQL. In response to the client’s changing needs due to global expansion, the FELD M team subsequently supported to migrate the DWH to Amazon Redshift.

In addition to the DWH and data model setup, FELD M integrated data sources orchestrated via Fivetran as well as custom ETL pipelines. The overall tool stack includes Python and Django within the Google Cloud platform.

Besides the business intelligence and data engineering support, FELD M’s web analytics team is consulting the client in the area of marketing analytics. Main focus was to support with the implementation and roll out of a consent management system (Usercentrics).

Data Democratization is key

FELD M helped to develop an internal self-service practice by providing trainings and ad-hoc support to Tableau users, enabling individuals and teams and democratize data across the organization.

Based on its global presence and data visualization solutions, the startup is continuing on its expansion path.

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