Superior data quality for global campaigns across brands and markets

As one of the world’s leading household appliances manufacturers, our client is a driving force in the trend toward digitalization and connectivity of modern products. evolving from a pure appliance manufacturer into a provider of personalized digital functions, services, and content to enhance the overall user experience of home appliances.

As a globally operating group with multiple brands in fast-evolving markets, our client saw the need to ensure its campaign tracking was as accurate and effective as possible. The existing setup required a large amount of manual effort to create and check campaign tracking codes for marketing campaigns, which led to inconsistencies, typos, incorrect naming conventions or technical coding errors. This compromised the quality of the campaign tracking data in Adobe Analytics reports, limiting the volume of actionable insights available for optimization and efficient steering of marketing measures.

The company approached FELD M – and specifically our business unit Datacroft – for a state-of-the-art solution. Datacroft is a specialized brand within FELD M dedicated to developing software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools and services. The unit was launched 2012 with the Link Manager tool. Today, the portfolio includes other data services such as Campaign Data Importer. Datacroft’s suite of solutions delivers especially high value for companies with multiple brands and a large business footprint in many different countries. All were developed in close alignment with global corporations.

Customer expectations – why Datacroft?

  • A coherent and optimized campaign tracking solution all our client’s brands and markets
  • Actionable metrics for all integrated marketing data
  • Minimized required manual hours from service providers for ongoing campaign tracking

How we approached the project

To determine which specific tools and solutions would fully meet the company’s expectations and enable efficient tracking and measuring of global campaigns, the Datacroft team began by analyzing the client’s global campaign tracking requirements in a complex Web analytics setup.

Two overarching solutions were defined to optimize data tracking on a global and local level: automatic integration of  the corporation’s main source of marketing traffic data, Google Ads, and a central SaaS solution for campaign tracking codes. With these two solutions we provided the client with the following deliverables:

  • Automatic tracking of 49% of all campaign traffic (Google Ads)
  • Integration of advertising costs
  • Global setup for all markets

Outcome: Straightforward solutions to complex global challenges

Following integration of the two tools Datacroft Campaign Data Importer and Link Manager, the client is equipped with a global campaign tracking setup for all its brands and markets worldwide. The previously error-prone process of maintaining Adobe Analytics has been replaced by an automated process to integrate campaign data generated by Google Ads. The setup uses application program interface (API) technology to enable easy developer access.

Datacroft’s proprietary online and offline tracking code management tool Link Manager provides the client with structured, coherent and error-free tracking code links. All users involved in the campaign tracking process now have unlimited access to the same efficient technology.

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