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Data integration with a modern data platform for seamless analytics

Navigating Growth: Transitioning from Legacy Tools to a modern data platform

The client, an e-commerce company experiencing rapid growth, initially relied on a combination of a now outdated data stack and Looker Studio for their data integration and analytics requirements. The legacy tools, while suitable at the beginning, no longer met the demands of the company’s evolving data landscape. This means that as the business grew, the legacy tools became expensive, unreliable and not flexible enough to support more use cases.

This challenge was compounded by the diverse range of software and platforms the client used, including Shopify, Klaviyo, Criteo, and various social media and marketing platforms. The power of streamlined data integration paves the way for dashboards to analyse the data cubes effectively that FELD M created based on the client’s requirements.

The modern data platform implementation delivers significant benefits: 

  • Streamlined data integration: Efficiently integrated >20 data sources from 10 different platforms, reducing manual handling.  
  • Enhanced self-service analytics: Streamlined data access for actionable insights. 
  • 90% cost reduction of licences and cloud costs

Empowering the client: How Airbyte Cloud, dbt Core, and Google BigQuery Transformed Data Integration

To overcome these challenges, our team proposed the implementation of a modern data platform consisting of Airbyte Cloud, dbt Core, and Google BigQuery. This comprehensive platform not only delivered a high-performing and cost-efficient solution but also effectively managed the client’s expanding data needs. FELD M successfully consolidated over 20 data sources and 10 platforms with almost 90% cost reduction in fees, encompassing licenses and cloud costs compared to the legacy tool setup. 

One of the core components of this project was the creation of data cubes. These cubes consolidate data from multiple sources, such as Shopify order information, Shopify customer data and data from different marketing platforms. The goal was to provide cross-functional teams, including marketing and sales, with a single source of truth and a standardized set of metrics.

FELD M’s solution facilitated seamless data integration from all their sources, including Shopify, marketing tools, and manually maintained Google Sheets.

Outcomes: Streamlined Data Integration, Enhanced Analytics, and self-service analytics 

The implementation of a modern data platform transformed the client’s data integration and analytics capabilities. It streamlined their data processes, empowered teams with self-service data access, and set the stage for insightful data-driven decision-making. As the client continues to grow, this modern data platform ensures that their data infrastructure can scale seamlessly to support their expanding operations. 

If you are looking for a ready-to-use solution that would help you extract more value from your data, check out the development of our Data Product team: Datacroft Analytics Stack and contact us for more details! 

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