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Modern Data Platform as a turn-key solution

Set up of pre-built and custom-tailored modern data platforms as a turn-key solution. Get your organization a secure, powerful and affordable data platform in just a few predfined sprints with team experts you can depend on.

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Modern Data Platform as a turn-key solution

Does your current data solution consist of several manually maintained spreadsheets and unreliable databases that fail to support your data use cases? Then get on track with your data strategy by centralizing and activating all your data through a modern, secure, and future-proof data platform, all while staying budget-friendly, delivered as a turn-key solution by FELD M.

Our team of experts carefully assesses your unique business requirements and data use cases, using it to select the appropriate combination of tools, technology, and data modeling strategy. Followed by the team integrating and validating your mission-critical & support systems (e.g., ERP, web analytics, CRM) and transforming the data for the defined use cases (e.g., AI application, dashboards, self-service analytics).

Upon completion, when the platform, its models, and data duly validated, accepted and documented, FELD M will continue with comprehensive training and appropriate ongoing support when needed. This ensures that your in-house team can confidently manage and navigate the platform in the future, and tackle any challenge which comes their way.

Why a Data Platform from FELD M?

FELD M and its Data Collective: We don’t just set up things and leave. FELD M is a collective of experts across many data-related disciplines (e.g., Data strategy, AI & ML) which will always be available to you. Whether you need a continuous data team support, sudden additional capacities or topic-based consulting, we will be there for you.

Custom-Made, but not from scratch: We ensure that the platform is tailored to meet both your organization’s current requirements and future aspirations. However, we leverage our in-house pre-defined solutions and codebase whenever feasible to generate value faster.

Solid foundations, wherever it takes you: Making sure you won’t outgrown it anytime soon, we utilize modular, scalable and industry-accepted tools and technology which you can depend on as your business grow and your progress along your data journey.

Reliability, affordability, and security you can count on: We meticulously adhere to industry and internal regulations, granting you peace of mind. For critical components, we rely on licensed solutions with precise SLAs, but when appropriate, we opt for open-source solutions to minimize costs.

How we like to build it?

We like to work with clearly defined sprints during which scope, expectations and responsibilities are clearly set for all the parties involved.

Sprint 1: We start by gathering all necessary information to curate the ideal tool combination and architectural setup. This involves an information collection across various categories, including data and use cases, personnel and their skill sets, as well as existing tools and legacy systems. The sprints ends by consolidating and joint commitment to a platform setup, project roadmap, priorities, responsibilities as well as clear final deliverables. Sprint 1 is also available separately.

Sprint 2: Our team will set up the individual components of the platform, and add data integration pipelines for each data sources within the agreed scope. Once done, the integrated data is preliminary validated against the source systems, staged and the modelling strategy for the whole data warehouse is defined and agreed among the stakeholders. The agreed modelling strategy will act as a back-bone for the whole data platform.

Sprint 3: The team will build the complete data model based on the agreed modelling strategy, use cases and deliverables, delivering testings views / dashboards to stakeholders for Q&A and acceptance testing based on the defined prioritization. Upon finalizing the data model, the whole pipeline is brought to production state, documented & packaged for handover.

Sprint 4: We wrap up the project by conducting a thorough on-boarding session for your team and obtaining final approval from both the data team and stakeholders. Following this, our team transitions to providing on-demand support or shifts focus to activating specific elements of the data platform, such as dashboards or operational analytics.

Sprint 5: Team develops a selection of ‘lighthouse’ reports or analyses centered around the prioritized models (e.g., North Star KPIs). These reports will serve as a tangible demonstration of the value generated by the project upon its completion and act as beacons for the follow up projects. Sprint 5 is optional.


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Tools & Technology we like to use

Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure

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