Data Strategy

Developing a solid foundation to realize business objectives and
data use cases

One of Germany’s largest on- and offline publishers, strives to constantly improve its offering. Therefore, they aimed for optimizing the customer experience on their websites and make it measurable. To enable this, they decided to switch from the previous set-up with Google Analytics to Adobe Analytics to better monitor and gain insights from its data. The client planned to use Adobe Analytics in conjunction with Adobe Audience Manager and wished for an appropriate roadmap for implementation.

In the course of this, also the data and tool landscape were to be optimized. This was managed up to then to a large extent decentrally by several individual departments. There was a lack of cross-departmental goals for the collection and use of data in alignment with the corporate strategy, as well as clarity regarding the data points and tools needed.

FELD M was tasked to make the best out of the tool switch to Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager by – next to the technical implementation – identifying and analyzing the needs of the various stakeholders and setting up a feasible roadmap for realization of data use cases.

Main Outcomes:

  • Identification of all stakeholders’ needs in cross-department workshops
  • Joint development of more than 50 prioritized use cases
  • Design of a roadmap as a fundamental success driver of corporate strategy

With Data Thinking workshops to a sustainable set-up

As a starting point, a series of data thinking workshops were held in the various departments to identify common and overarching goals and derive use cases.

In a second step, the existing requirements that emerged from the use cases for the newly introduced tools were collected and evaluated. These requirements were then prioritized with the involvement of all stakeholders. The goal was to create a database through the new analytics implementation that would deliver real value to the various departments.

Further, FELD M systematically worked on the derived use cases in close collaboration with the client, and identified the necessary data sources, stakeholders, and tools. Depending on business needs and effort/feasibility, the individual use cases were evaluated and a roadmap for implementation was designed.

In the next step, the requirements from the use cases served as the basis for designing an individual data layer concept and segmentation within the DMP (Data Management Platform). Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager were implemented in such a way that most of the use cases could be implemented immediately. Ideas and recommendations for optimizing internal processes and roles were also presented.

An analytics & DMP roadmap aligned to cross-departmental goals

The successful project resulted in a detailed roadmap including prioritized use cases as well as strategic measures regarding data governance and processes. This enables structured, interdepartmentally coordinated implementation of the 50+ use cases according to their prioritization. FELD M jointly with our client operationalized this roadmap and immediately started the implementation.

Our client is now able to continuously measure the customer experience and, if necessary, optimize it.

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