Data Strategy

Data Strategy enables leveraging customer data for public broadcasting

Our customer, a European public broadcaster, recognized the need to respond to the massive digitization trend. As one of the key players in their market, the company was faced with the challenges of global media giants like Netflix, Disney+ etc. Their status as a public broadcaster implies regulatory restrictions and reputational risks – any perceived intent to become a local version of e.g. Netflix would be met with push back by the public and loss of credibility.

However, they aimed for a data-driven approach to their business, centralizing user management and service as a starting point. This had both technological and organizational implications.

The company had already implemented technology to capture data and measure customer engagement, yet they had not fully internalized working in cross-functional teams or setting up agile projects. To accelerate their digital transformation, they asked FELD M to identify key levers and develop a data strategy.

Main objectives

  • A vision for infrastructural needs and organizational capabilities
  • A comprehensive maturity assessment and to identify change requirements
  • Support in selecting partner/ vendor for customer engagement tools

Thorough maturity analysis for tailor-made recommendations

To fully understand the scope of the challenges, we held cross-functional workshops and interviews with selected stakeholders. This allowed us to align the various teams around overarching goals and identify value-adding use cases that would enable progress towards these goals. The use cases were then prioritized based on their impact and effort.

The subsequent step started with a business blueprint showing an optimum setup in terms of tools and data, processes, roles and mindset based on the derived use cases and requirements. This enabled our client to create a systematic approach to enable comprehensive and seamless use of customer data along the audience journey. This was followed by the derivation of the competence requirements resulting from the use cases. We then developed a vision for an optimum technological and organizational setup in line with the business blueprint. By comparing this concept with the current maturity level, we determined the necessary change requirements.

The customer had already entered negotiations with potential vendors and partners to create a customer data platform and tools to boost customer activation, personalization and recommendation functions.  FELD M as vendor-agnostic sparring partner provided targeted support in the evaluation and selection process.


Mastering the digital media challenge

It took thorough analysis to achieve the stated goal of countering the challenges of global media giants while remaining true to the mandate of a public broadcasting network with unbiased recommendations. The FELD M team delivered related insights and recommendations on how to make the quickest and most valuable improvements. This resulted in a comprehensive business blueprint for the future scenario, which enabled the internal teams understand the overall ambition. The recommendations were then prioritized and translated into a roadmap.

“A big thank you for a solid job,” was one of the positive responses FELD M received from the senior management. The company is now equipped with the customer data and analytical tools it needs to compete in the top league of digital media.




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