Webinar: Data Literacy with FELD M

In today’s data-driven world data literacy is key to enhance your teams’ ability to make data-based decisions and drive your business. In our webinar we talk about the significance of data literacy and share our path to increase the data literacy maturity level of your company. It is not only about trainings to read and analyse data but your data literacy program should address a broader skill set customized to the different roles that are part of your data value chain. Spoiler: you’re never done with data literacy…

Our experts Verena Althammer and Dr. Julius Kayser have shared their expertise in a live webinar with you.
In this webinar we are covering the following topics:

  • Holistic view of data literacy
  • Ways to increase data literacy
  • Data personas
  • Model to determine the data literacy maturity level
  • Benefits of a data strategy to establish data literacy: Examples from our customer projects

Enjoy the webinar!

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If you want to get in contact with the Data Strategy Team, please send a message to datastrategy@feld-m.de.