Data Ambulance

on 17.12.2018 by Erik Klemusch

This week we are happy to present you a new FELD M initiative: The FELD M data ambulance!

What is it about?

Most non-profit organizations with a social or environmental mission own a lot of data. However, using the potential of that data for their work is rarely truly fruitful. The reasons for this are, among others, budget constraints and the lack of expertise in Data Science / Analytics.

FELD M would like to contribute to the mission of such organizations by using its expertise in working with data for a good cause. We would like to support non-profit organizations in working with their data in order to identify the potential of their data for individual use cases and make use of it in a productive way.

What exactly is Data Ambulance?

Once a month, we offer a free appointment to all organizations with a charitable mission (e.g. social or environmental focus). In this appointment we offer support for identifying the potential of the organizations’ data and how to make the most out of it.

Possible questions that could be answered during the one hour appointment:

  • Which kind of data do you have and how can you use them towards a certain goal?
  • What is the current status of your analyses? What are your upcoming data projects and which effort is required?
  • How can you measure your activities and how to evaluate success?

After the joint appointment, you can consider what further cooperation might look like, if not all of the existing questions could be clarified. Such a collaboration, for instance, could be a one-time workshop or a medium- to long-term project.

When does Data Ambulance take place?

Every first Friday each month and on request if required.

Where does Data Ambulance take place?

Phone appointment, preferably including a video call (e.g. via Skype or Zoom).

How to sign up?

Every organization with a charitable mission can make an appointment. To help us prepare better, you could send us information on your organization and your data upfront, if you like. In case you already have specific questions and analyses regarding your data, you can also send them to us upfront.

In case you are interested, just send an email to Matthias from our team and ask for the next available appointment or more information:

We are looking forward to hearing from you!