Bye bye Universal Analytics: How to get ready for GA4

on 14.07.2022 by Askar Abdullaev, Luiz H. Bitteti

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Time has come: Google‘s Universal Analytics has had its day – at least in the eye of Google itself. Since its successor Google Analytics 4 was first announced and initially published in 2020, marketers and analysts have been asking themselves: When will the final switch to GA4 take place? And what happens to our data in Universal Analytics afterwards?

About two years later, Google finally officially answered these questions: In the summer of 2023, the lights are supposed to go out at Universal Analytics. The specific date varies depending on whether the license-free Universal Analytics or the fee-based GA 360 version has been used. You can read all the details in our Guideline below. There you’ll also find the questions answered, until when your data in UA will be accessible.

With this next generation of its analytics tool, Google wants to take a big step towards a more future-proof (and GDPR-compliant) tracking. At latest now, with about one year to go, it’s time to prepare yourself for switching to Google Analytics 4 (or another tool alternative). Because even though we’d all wish for it, the tracking cannot be easily switched 1 to 1 (or even automatically with a single mouse click) to the successor. Rather, it requires a fundamental rethinking and realignment of the current setup.


To support you with this, our Google specialist have put their heads together and developed a guideline that you can consult for your switch to Google Analytics 4.

In this recommendation you will learn:

  • the most important hard facts about the imminent end of Universal Analytics
  • as well as the current status of its successor tool Google Analytics 4.
  • We’ll also provide you with a set of strategic and operational questions to help you successfully implement Google’s next-generation analytics tool.


Download the complete recommendation for action here


Do you have questions about Google Analytics 4, need support with translating your tracking setup or with the operative tool implementation and settings adjustion? Feel free to contact us via – our Google experts will be happy to help you with advice, action and their experience!


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Original photo by Alex Dudar on Unsplash

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