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FELD M is a digital marketing consulting firm. We develop strategies and analyses to achieve customer-oriented digital media objectives.

We achieve effectiveness and efficiency by strictly focusing on our client’s business objectives and potential, taking a methodical as well as creative approach, and making ongoing improvements based on metrics and analyses.

Together with our customers we develop lasting communications, distribution and product solutions which enable our customers to acquire new clients

and strengthen their customer loyalty, on the basis of on-site and off-site touchpoints and their interaction with offline channels.

Our firm not only offers customers consulting services, we also help customers implement the solutions we provide.

We place a high value on transparent and fair practices when working with our customers, staff and partners.


Take an active part in
shaping FELD M

Respect is at the centre of everything we do. The working environment at FELD M is marked by a willingness to help others and a responsibility towards them, as well as providing room for thinking outside of the box and innovative solutions. Because of this, we are able to fulfil our passion for professional and sustainable practices.

A positive balance between work and personal life in a flat organisational structure gives all staff members the opportunity to contribute their talents. This requires the ability to specify key topics of interest and to develop and promote projects independently. To achieve this, staff members must have

exceptional organisational skills and a profound sense of personal responsibility. The individual development of every employee through continuing education is important to us—without losing sight of our mutual objectives.

Become a part of our team in a future-oriented market and play an active role in the development of FELD M! We look forward to receiving your application. Please submit your resume online or send your application to:

Contact: Lina Rischer
Tel +49 (0) 89 / 55 29 756.44

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Translating strategic objectives
into concrete measures

What opportunities and challenges do the wide variety of digital media present when it comes to achieving your business objectives? How can companies utilise their specific resources and strengths in digital channels in order to implement communications, distribution and product solutions that persuade their target groups?

We work together with our customers to find answers to these questions and to develop lasting strategies and measures for acquiring and retaining clients. FELD M provides specific, detailed measures with a special focus on the user experience. We develop ideas which resonate with the target group and leave a lasting impact.

To achieve this, we leverage all forms of digital media, whether web or mobile applications, online advertising or CRM campaigns, social media or ecommerce applications. Our in-house project management unit guarantees the successful implementation of these solutions.

Strategy: objectives and measures

  • Establishing objectives and identifying market potential
  • Positioning and directing brands and performance in a digital environment
  • Brand and communications management
  • Integrated cross-channel solutions for communication and distribution

Conception: ideas and details

  • Agile requirement management based on user stories
  • Technical specifications for planned measures, e.g. with the help of wireframes and prototypes
  • User experience initiatives for digital touchpoints and processes
  • Method-based ideation (e.g. "gamestorming") and development of creative concepts

Project management: coordination and implementation

  • Planning and managing projects - from requirement analysis to launch
  • Management of interface between customer and implementing parties
  • Use of agile management methods (SCRUM, Kanban)
  • Certified project managers


Turning data into knowledge

By using digital analytics we are able to provide our customers with services and tools to develop strategies as well as to actively control and optimise the success within digital channels.

We turn data into knowledge about the way our customers’ digital channels operate. This approach makes a more rational decision-making process possible, as well as a continuous learning curve.


The process

The analyses should always start with the marketing and business objectives of the company as well as the measures employed for the purpose of achieving these objectives.

This forms the basis for selecting and specifying (step 1: define) the methods and tools for analyses.

Upon successful technical and organisational implementation (step 2: implement), the next step involves continuous reporting to

document results as well as conducting in-depth analyses to steer and optimise success (step 3: analyse).

We then review the results of analyses jointly with our customers and use them to come up with best practices for introducing or adapting measures (step 4: optimise).

An ongoing process is thus developed from analysis and optimisation and from actions and insights. We provide companies with assistance throughout every phase of this process.

The methods


FELD M analyses on-site and off-site activities and their interactions with offline channels. Our selection of methods and tools does not depend on specific providers or schools of thought, but is based on the analytical problem at hand. We define performance measurement systems and KPIs and work with descriptive and inductive statistics as well as data mining and qualitative data analysis (QDA).

FELD M offers traditional web analytics services based on popular software solutions such as Google Analytics (Premium), Webtrends, Adobe Digital Marketing Suite (Omniture), Digital Analytix by comScore, Webtrekk and Piwik.

For an integrated, customer-oriented analysis of online business across all channels, we work with business intelligence architectures so we can connect data from a wide variety of sources and attain a flexibility in the methods we use to analyse the data.


  • On-site tracking
  • A/B/n & multivariate testing
  • Usability testing
  • Session replay
  • Technical performance analysis
  • Survey (voice of customer)


  • Brand-generated social media measurement
  • User-generated social media measurement
  • Online advertising analytics (media mix & attribution analysis)
  • SEO analytics
  • Online panels (audience measurement)


  • Analysis of online and offline communication interdependencies
  • Analysis of online and offline distribution interdependencies


Business relationships based on
performance and values

FELD M provides services for well-respected corporations as well as innovative start-ups and non-profits. The following customers have placed their trust in us, whether as part of a project or as a long-term partner.

  • Amazon
  • Amway
  • BMW
  • BMW i
  • BMW Motorrad
  • Bayerischer Rundfunk
  • Bookrix
  • CNC Communications
  • Conversion Boosting
  • Dallmayr
  • Green City
  • Hoffmann Group
  • IKEA
  • Jane Goodall Institut
  • Keller Sports
  • LaVita
  • MINI
  • PlanB
  • Rolls-Royce Motorcars
  • Seed
  • skoobe
  • Sparkasse
  • Thomas Cook
  • 1&1


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