Privacy and Consent

Last year, the DSGVO caused a lot of turbulence, but above all a lot of uncertainty. Even now, not all legal issues relating to data protection, consent, legitimate interest and cookies have been completly clarified, as court rulings are still pending. This makes it more important for you then ever before, to have a reliable partner at your side who knows the current legal discussions, already has experience with pragmatic best practices and develops innovative technical solutions that give you a true and legally secure advantage over your competitors. FELD M can be this partner for you.

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Most companies now have the impression that they have mastered the challenges quite well, but there are often hidden risks. As the perception of the authorities evolves, the requirements for compliance become more specific, which results in new challenges:


  • Internal processes and website analyses are still not 100% GDPR compliant. → FELD M supports them in acting fully GDPR-compliant on all online channels.
  • The data protection communication with the customers is either insufficient or so bulky that there is no real, trust building value. → FELD M supports you in communicating with your users and helps you to signal in an understandable and credible way that you respect the rights of your users and thus present yourself as a trustworthy and customer-centered company.
  • Digital analyses are carried out GDPR compliant, but the data basis is significantly reduced as a result. → FELD M supports you in obtaining the consent of your users in a way that a sufficient data basis for valid analyses is available to you through a high Consent Rate and you create trust with your customers in the same time.
  • The decision to use a CMP (Consent Management Platform) has been made, but the decision for a tool provider is difficult or the implementation is difficult or doesn’t work properly. → FELD M has already gained experience with several tool providers and advises you on platform selection – neutral and independent.
  • Customers who do not give their consent are lost for (re-)marketing measures. → FELD M supports you during introduction and implementation of tailor-made solutions in order to maintain your high-quality data base and make it usable for personalised marketing.

No matter on which level of your data protection journey your company is: NOW is the right time to bring FELD M into your data protection boat to move in the right direction right from the start.


Our services:

  • Consultation on all digital topics around Consent and Privacy with our internal and external experts.
  • Development of a communication strategy that shows your customers the added value of your data protection policy, creates trust and pays for your brand identity.
  • Support in the selection of the appropriate Privacy- or Consent Management Tool based on your individual requirements and your very specific setup – of course we will also be happy to take over the optimal implementation of the solution you have chosen.
  • Targeted optimization of your Consent Rate, through A/B/n testing and adjustments to key parameters of your digital presence, in order to raise your database back to the level before GDPR


What is Consent Rate Optimization?

“Consent Rate Optimization comprises the analysis, planning, execution and control of all measures to increase your consensus rate and thus enables the initiation, intensification and resumption of communication with website visitors and the optimal use of your corporate resources.”

Everyone knows the so-called “cookie banners”, which can now be found on almost every website. This is intended to obtain the consent of website visitors to store and process their personal data within the company and/or to use it for further marketing measures. Everyone can easily imagine what will happen if this Consent is not given:

For example, it is no longer possible to remind your customers that they still have a product in their shopping cart or you can no longer send out newsletters with personalised recommendations. In addition, the content on your website will no longer be tailored to your target group and the offer for your users will be worse, more confusing, more irrelevant and that means a loss of sales.

To prevent this from happening, you need the consent of your users. We help you to analyse what you can get out from your current Consent Rate, create a consent strategy for you that considers all dimensions of your user experience and tackles the right adjusting screws. Our tailor-made measures are then tested to give you clear, verifiable values on which actions were most effective. On this basis and with the latest insights, the next step is to re-adjust until you are satisfied with your Consent Rate and database.