(Onsite) Personalisation & Recommendation Systems

Every customer is different! Show your customers that you understand their needs. FELD M supports companies in creating customer-specific customer journeys across all touchpoints.


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We develop and implement concepts for a personalised design of various touchpoints (websites, apps, advertising material etc). Correctly implemented, personalisation makes users feel valued as they find their needs and interests well represented. Personalisation can improve the loyalty of your (potential) customers and significantly increase conversion rates. During the conception phase we highlight the value of good user experience in order to achieve the highest possible acceptance for personalised offers.

For implementation we use out-of-the-box tools (Optimizely, Adobe Target etc.), but if required, also develop individual solutions based on open source software (e.g. Apache Mahout). In each case, we accompany and advise our customers in their make or buy decision, considering the desired use cases, the available resources and the internal company setup. Depending on the data situation, different levels of personalisation are possible. A dynamic modification of the page is possible with a manageable amount of available data.

External factors such as the time of day or stock market news can be used as a trigger the content of your website to be rearranged. The more information about users is known, the more complex algorithms can be used for personalisation. In this way, users, for example, can be shown individual recommendations based on their surfing and buying behaviour (“you might also be interested in this”).

Personalisation responds individually to the user and their situation; we also support our clients on their own path to personalisation. This includes the analysis of the initial situation and the available data, consulting, which personalisation type makes sense, as well as the conception and implementation of solutions. We emphasise the definition of concrete goals from the outset in order to be able to demonstrate the added value of the measures and to lay the foundation for continuous optimisation.

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