Customer Journey Mapping

“If you don’t talk to your customers, how do you know how to talk to your customers?” Will Evans from NYU Stern sums it up perfectly in his quote: “To be successful in developing, optimizing and marketing a service, you need to understand who is using it, why it is being used and in which situations”. We help companies to answer these questions. With the help of Customer Journey Mapping, we show you how the customer comes into contact with the product or service and how he uses your offer.

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Customer Journey Maps describe individual customer groups’ paths from the first contact with your service all the way to the decision for or against a purchase and the subsequent use. The aim is to identify the relevant touchpoints within a journey and assign them to the respective phase of a customer journey. It is important to understand the goals and actions of the end customers within the phases holistically and to fathom their needs, wishes and decision paths. We should not limit ourselves to touchpoints (online and offline) that you already use. This enables us to offer decisive added value.

Together with our customers, we not only identify the relevant touchpoints, but go one step further and generate a deeper understanding of the respective phase of a customer journey in which a touchpoint has relevance. The main consideration here is to keep in mind that the use of the touchpoints can vary from customer group to customer group. We use qualitative and quantitative methods, such as in-depth interviews, surveys and the analysis of behavioural data. In addition, various frameworks are used, such as Experience Mapping according to Adaptive Path.

The derived Customer Journey Map provides a sound basis to develop a target group specific strategy. We use the knowledge gained to design touchpoint-specific campaigns and use it to develop measures for customer acquisition or customer retention.

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