Corporate Digital Responsibility & Data Ethics

A corporate digital responsibility (CDR) strategy nowadays is much more than a “nice-to-have” for companies; it is demanded by their users.
Among many other fields of digital responsibility, CDR also covers the sustainable and ethical handling of (customer) data and urges companies to promote and respect the digital self-determination of individuals.

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Customers are more willing to buy from companies they trust. Employees identify more with your company if the practices are transparent and have integrity throughout the company. This means that the ethical handling of data, resources and people is a competitive advantage for you.

At FELD M, we are convinced that responsible handling of (customer) data should not be a burdensome obligation to satisfy regulators and avoid fines. The protection of data and informational self-determination is an ethical obligation. But CDR is even more than that: it is about how companies shape the working conditions of their employees in a digitized world, how sustainable digital products are developed, or what criteria are used to evaluate algorithms in AI projects. It is about how the software and hardware used can benefit people and also how accessible and user-friendly your products are designed to be.

FELD M supports you in developing a CDR & Data Ethics strategy, especially in the areas that concern you as a data-driven organization. We help you to identify and prioritize risks and opportunities, interview your customers and employees to discover optimization potential, implement your data protection projects seamlessly, evaluate your data processes in detail, and help you redesign them.

In the area of corporate digital responsibility and data ethics, we at FELD M act in accordance with the following topic areas:

What can we do for you?

  • Target group-specific awareness workshop
  • Maturity analysis of digital ethics or data ethics
  • CDR strategy workshop with a focus on data topics
  • Co-development of a data code of conduct
  • Evaluation of concrete data processes and derivation of recommendations for action


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