Business Model Development

“The only constant in the universe is change.” (Heraclitus). The ability to develop innovative business models or to question and innovate an existing business model is an important prerequisite for the competitiveness of companies today. FELD M creatively and successfully supports you in following this constant path of change.

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The starting point of a business model development is for us the clearly define the four dimensions of your business model. Together with you, we will answer questions regarding your target group, benefit promise, supply chain and profit model, always focusing on your customers (or customer segments) and customer benefits. We use various qualitative and quantitative methods to answer these questions.

Do you have a firm grasp of your business environment? In addition to your customers, business partners, competitors, new technologies, trends and legal framework conditions also play a decisive role in the further development of your business model. That is why we work with you to develop a meaningful market and competitive analysis and derive recommendations for action.

The subsequent ideas phase is shaped by creative workshops: we break patterns of thought, avoid the familiar, re-combine services, apply successful models from other industries and make use of existing patterns to develop business models and set the course for a successful change process by involving all stakeholders in the process. We also use methods such as the business model canvas and value proposition canvas. The most suitable process model is selected in close consultation with you.

When developing a price model for new or enhanced products and services, we use analytical methods such as choice-based conjoint analyses to determine the maximum willingness to pay for various forms of the new business model. Based on the specific target group’s willingness to pay, we calculate the market potential per target group for you.

After the selection of ideas, we support you in the further designing, iteratively testing and adapting the implementation phase of your business model development. For example, we accompany you in a test phase with selected customers based on an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach and derive communication and sales strategies.

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