Data Thinking Workshop

Data thinking builds on the idea of design thinking as an overarching process model to develop customer-centric solutions. Just as suitable for a holistic data strategy as for the development of an individual data project.

What is the Data Thinking Workshop about?

The question today is not whether you work with data, but how you work with it. In an environment where more and more companies are creating competitive advantages from the use of data, it is important to embrace this know-how. It is not primarily about whether your company has the right processes or data, but how quickly and flexibly you can adapt to rapid changes in the market. In other words, how data-driven you are.

Data Thinking supports in this process of data-driven working. The key to developing a data strategy as well as implementing a successful data project is to develop an understanding of the problem and set the goals before you even start working on your data. With this in mind, you should ask the following questions:

  • What value can we generate from the data we have?
  • What decisions do we make that data can support?
  • What needs to be improved in order to use data successfully?

We answer these and other questions together with you and support you in the context of the Data Thinking Workshop in order to raise your treasure trove of data. The overall goals are: more customer centricity, more relevance and more agility for your company.

What methods will be learned in the Data Thinking Workshop?

The method of data thinking is based on the principles of design thinking and focuses on the needs and motivations of people, for example potential users and customers.

In the workshop, we aim to use design thinking techniques such as brain writing, various canvases and user story formulations to draw as holistic a picture as possible of the relevant and feasible use of data for your company.

By involving relevant stakeholders with different perspectives and knowledge as well as the iterative approach, we ensure that we have illuminated all important aspects such as data availability, data protection implications and, above all, the perspective and experience of all involved stakeholders before the start of a project. This ensures that sustainable solutions are developed and efficiently implemented.

Where does the workshop come in?

Data Thinking Workshops start at different points in a company: Are you at the beginning and would like to develop a holistic data strategy? Or do you want to initiate a specific data project (e.g. campaign dashboard, personalization model, recommendation engine) in a focused way and get started?

Depending on where you are at, two different variants of the Data Thinking Workshop come into play:

Looking at the whole picture: In the strategic workshop with the aim of developing a roadmap towards more data driven customer centricity. The focus is on collecting, evaluating and prioritizing use cases and use cases for using your data. Insights from the creation and elaboration of data & tool landscapes as well as stakeholder maps enable a comprehensive perspective. Finally, the use cases are examined for feasibility and value for your company.

Achieving a specific goal: In the project-focused workshop, the focus is on a specific use case that is to be implemented sustainably and as efficiently as possible. A use case can be a specific dashboard, an analysis such as a sales forecast or a more complex AI solution such as a dynamic pricing model. The focus here is on integrating all relevant stakeholders and their needs, as well as ensuring a match between the use case and the overarching business goals.

After this workshop – whether you look at the whole picture or a project – you will have a clear roadmap with prioritized steps from idea to implementation. This clarity supports you and your teams in achieving your goals. We are happy to support you in the sustainable implementation and continuous optimization of the project or measures.

Is that something for you?

Let’s get a comprehensive picture of your usable data together. Find out how you can save costs and tap unused potential by using your data efficiently.

You are…

  • Managers from the business, such as Marketing, Sales or Product
  • Teamlead (all persons responsible for data)
  • Data Strategist
  • Analyst
  • someone who wants to approach a data use case strategically and sustainably

Then Data Thinking Workshops will definitely help you.

We have held a webinar on the topic of Data Thinking. If you would like more information in advance, feel free to watch it:

The most important details

  • Duration: The scope of the workshop or workshop series is agreed individually and depends on your needs.
  • Participants: All managers from the business, such as marketing, sales or product management, who work with data.
  • Instruments and methods: Brainwriting, user story formulations, stakeholder map, data and tool landscape.

If you are interested in holding a workshop in your company, please click on the following button to get in contact.