User Research & User Experience Design

When was the last time you spoke to your customers? Or does your customer understand you?

Only those who know and understand their customers’ needs can develop the appropriate solution and successfully offer it on the market.

FELD M analyses, develops and optimises digitised user interactions and applications with you to increase customer satisfaction and thus your business success.

The areas of application for User Research & User Experience Design are therefore manifold: you want to check whether your campaign messages are effective? You wonder what else your customers want from you? Are you dissatisfied with the repurchase rate and brand loyalty of your customers? Would you like to get to know your target group(s) better? You want to ensure that purchase or booking processes are intuitively understood?

We analyse and design methodically and scientifically using a data-driven approach: qualitative and quantitative analyses identify target groups, their use cases and context-dependent needs. We work according to the comprehensive process model of “Design Thinking” and thus ensure a profound understanding of the problem and a user-centred perspective for goal-oriented solution development.

We use semi-structured interviews, field research (shadowing), document analysis, surveys, web analytics or data from third party sources such as statistics, studies or other relevant research results to explore the so-called problem space. We consolidate and visualise the results from as many data sources as possible for our customers in the form of personas & scenarios and user or customer journey maps. These findings allow for well-founded decisions and prioritise the development of solutions, ranging from rough strategic concepts to very detailed concepts, depending on the requirements. These rough concepts can be documented in epics and user stories as well as in backlogs prioritised with you and describe the requirements. We develop detailed concepts with the implementation of design studios, the development of wireframes and the development of prototypes (click dummies). The prototypes allow an early evaluation prior to the technical implementation.

The evaluation of existing or developed solutions and their evaluation in relation to user experience / usability is carried out via usage tests, heuristic evaluations (expert reviews) and quantitative analyses of tracking data.

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