Data Strategy & Advanced Analytics

Use the full potential of your data! FELD M uses data thinking to identify and prioritise potentials and use cases based on data and analyses for your company. Our Data Science Team develops and implements analytical solutions and data-driven applications.

Over the last few years, many companies have built up a wealth of data by collecting customer and usage data. Unfortunately, the data is often stored in so-called data silos with a lack of a holistic basis for the implementation of data-driven-marketing. We support our clients in developing a roadmap with clearly defined and prioritised steps to pave the way towards more data-driven-marketing and the associated decisions for an optimal technical setup. Together with our customers, we develop use cases for the effective and efficient use of data within the framework of data-thinking workshops. The identification and evaluation of use cases take as many internal and external stakeholders and their respective needs and requirements into account as possible. The identified use cases are prioritised according to their relevance and feasibility and then transferred to a concrete roadmap. The implementation of such a roadmap often entails internal and procedural challenges, for which we act as process coach. Together with our customers we develop solutions for agile and transparent projects and structures.

Our Data Science Team also supports the implementation of data-driven solutions. With our interdisciplinary team (from bioinformatics to statistics) we support companies in bringing together complex data from the online and offline world and translating it into concrete recommendations for action. To this end, we implement high-performance ETL routes (link to Dev Team) and develop forecasting and analysis models as well as data-driven applications. Our range of topics includes statistical attribution and media mix models (link), analyses based on analytics raw data (e.g. Adobe Clickstream, Google BigQuery), recommendation systems (link to personalization) and the development of pricing models. We also see ourselves as an interface between practice and research and cooperate closely with various universities and research institutions (link) in order to constantly optimise and expand our methods and models.

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