Case Study

Turning a media library into a personalised experience


TV stations make a large share of their content available in media libraries, so that the online offering is becoming increasingly important. In contrast to classic TV, a personalised user experience is possible with internet-based offers and also necessary in order to successfully secure the attention of users in light of ever-increasing competition. In addition to “classic” questions of personalisation (“which content is relevant for which users at what time and in what context?”), public broadcasters in particular must master further challenges:

  • How can users’ data protection concerns be kept to a minimum?
  • How can the educational mandate of public broadcasters be guaranteed despite consideration of individual preferences?
  • How can a “filter bubble” be explicitly avoided in personalised offers and the variety of content demonstrated?

The aim of the project was to introduce personalised features to increase use (number of video views and duration) and loyalty.

Strategies and Actions

As part of the project, we took a holistic approach to focus on user needs and business goals. Business goals were defined in a joint workshop and usage contexts were analysed in order to derive concrete user needs. On this basis we developed personalisation features and converted them into wireframes. These were then validated with the help of user tests and, where necessary, revised again. Among other things, the structure and contents of the start page were adapted, and the video detail page extended to include personalised recommendations (“you might also be interested in this”).

Various approaches for technical implementation were examined and finally, in close cooperation with the internal development team, an individual recommendation solution based on Apache Mahout was implemented. A cookie-based solution was developed and established via a communication strategy developed by FELD M to collect the necessary usage data.


In close cooperation with the customer, the attractiveness of the media library for users was noticeably increased:

  • Increased click-through rate on the start page
  • Increased click-through rate (by over 100%) on the video detail page
  • 65% more clicks on recommendation module
  • 5% more video starts
  • High acceptance of the newly integrated cookie