Case Study

Setup of a Digital Analytics Infrastructure

Automobile Industry

In recent years, most industries have become increasingly aware of the importance of web analytics measurement. In the case of our customer, an international automotive group with several brands, one of the challenges was to serve the interests of a large number of different stakeholders. For example, while the product owners of a platform needed general information about website use, those responsible in the Media Management Department wanted detailed information to assess campaign successes. Simultaneously, the tracking implementation had to meet both central and international market-specific requirements and be adaptable across brands.

To meet the challenges mentioned above, we supported our customer in building a globally scalable state-of-the-art digital analytics infrastructure. More specifically, the following objectives were defined:

  • Increased acceptance and visibility of the advantages and necessity of Web Analytics
  • Enabling business departments and markets to report, manage and optimise results based on valid web analytics data
  • Generating added value through data-driven analyses and optimisations

Strategies and Actions

In order to achieve the aforementioned goals, we were able to draw on our diverse portfolio of services and colleagues from various areas (e.g. Web Analysts, Developers and Strategists). We supported our customer in the following tasks:

  • Consulting, selection and conception of a digital analytics infrastructure
    • Initial implementation of Webtrends as a web analytics tool
    • Subsequent expansion of the infrastructure by replacing Webtrends and implementing a data layer, Adobe DTM, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Target to create a state-of-the-art setup.
  • Development of a global tracking concept to achieve scalability for different platforms, markets and brands
  • Comprehensive consulting in the area of digital analytics as for various specialist departments, markets and brands
  • Implementation and validation of globally standardised tracking solutions for different platforms (based on HTML, AngularJS, Android, iOS, .NET)
  • Design and implementation of complex solutions for the integration of third party data in Adobe Analytics
  • Analysis and visualisation of individual questions based on raw data, Adobe Analytics reports/workspaces or other data sources (e.g. vehicle data)
  • Conception, implementation and evaluation of A/B tests (conversion rate optimisation via Adobe Target)
  • Conception and implementation of software solutions to optimise data quality and data consistency


The aforementioned approach and the goal-oriented cooperation of all stakeholders enabled us to achieve the following successes:

  • Smooth migration of tracking from Webtrends to Adobe Analytics and extension of tracking scope
  • Successful implementation of Adobe Analytics and Adobe DTM across approximately 300 websites and mobile applications
  • Stable and continuously optimised live operation of the analytics solution since go-live of the respective platforms
  • Global standards for comprehensive comparisons and a comparison of different websites and markets
  • Cost and time savings by enabling markets and departments to independently analyse data in Adobe Analytics.
  • Creation of valid data bases for further analyses (A/B testing, personalisation, clickstream analyses)
  • Significant conversion rate improvements for e.g. test drive request forms
  • Uniform campaign tracking as a basis for optimizing marketing activities